Comparing Split AC and Ducted AC: Which Cooling Solution is Right for You?

Melbourne is known for being able to experience “four seasons in one day.” This phrase focuses not only on the extremes but also on how fast the weather changes. Because our homes protect us from these extremes and abrupt changes, It’s only natural to consider whether ducted and split-system air conditioners are the best options. If it were black and white, we’d give you the straight answer; however, it’s more complicated.

That’s where two of our customers, whom we will call Lenny and Kenny, can enter. They each have a wife and a baby, and as part of their home improvement projects, they’re contemplating new air conditioner systems. 

To help them comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of determining the air conditioning system that is the best and more efficient, we have answered a couple of their concerns.

Ducted AC

The name suggests the term “duct” refers to a ducting system. A ducted AC system utilizes ductwork inside the ceiling and walls to distribute cooling throughout the house. The central system (the condenser) is out of view, usually in an attic area.

Split AC

The condenser will be outside the house when you have the split AC system. It is responsible for applying pressure to the refrigerant that runs through a tube that connects with the unit indoors (the condenser). Many split AC systems combine at least four outdoor units in one condenser.

Main Distinctions Between Split And Ducted Systems

Ongoing Cost

Split System units run on an individual basis. This means their operating costs are less than a ducted system running throughout the home. But zoning the ducted air conditioner (so that you can switch it off for specific rooms) can help you control where it’s running and could result in higher efficiency operating costs.


Split Systems are highly efficient for single and small rooms. A larger unit with 8kw power is required for efficient cooling in a bigger space. Ducted air conditioning is more efficient for covering large areas and controlling even house temperatures.


Both systems are quiet. Since the condenser is outside the split AC system, there isn’t much noise inside, but neighbors might hear it rumbling if housing units are close. In the same way, the attic blocks out a lot of the sound from the condenser in the ducted system.

Flexibility and Convenience

Split systems give you a good amount of flexibility. They are less bulky and more adaptable regarding installation. The indoor units are on the ceiling or wall (though ceiling mounts may be used for a single building). 

A Split or Ducted System: Which one is better?

Both choices are balanced regarding advantages and disadvantages, making it challenging to determine which you’re choosing the most beneficial alternative. It’s a matter of balancing the costs and benefits of your life circumstances.

If you’re looking to chill your entire house quickly and don’t care about the expense using an air conditioner duct is your best choice. If you’re on an affordable budget and can live by cooling just one or two rooms, then the split system air conditioner can do the job right and cost you just a few dollars.

Be aware that the type of home you live in will affect what kind of ducted ac, or split ac air conditioning system is the best one for you. Your home may not be able to fit one of these models, making the decision an easy one!

If the two systems can accommodate your house, it will boil down to the amount you’re willing to spend upfront and the size of your home you’d like to keep cool. Additionally, if you’re in a modern apartment building, your home already has a condenser cooling system.

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