Common Mistakes When It Comes To Google Adwords

Digital marketing is a robust way to take your business to incredible heights. One powerful factor in digital marketing operations is Google Adwords. The effectiveness of Google Adwords is unmatchable if used appropriately. However, it is often found that a large number of businesses are spending a considerable amount of money and getting nothing out of Google Adwords. 

The reason behind this is usually a very fresh, keen interest and hasty excitement, with a lack of experience in Google Adwords. Those who are newbies to Google Adwords are often observed to make mistakes that could easily be avoided with a little more research and forethought. Another great way to handle this issue is by outsourcing the task to professionals with the expertise, knowledge, and experience in the field. There are more and more organisations and agencies who are providing Google Adwords management Melbourne wide and beyond. 

So what are these common mistakes Adwords newbies tend to make while setting up their Google Adwords accounts and campaigns?

Limited Use of Ad Extensions:

This is one of the most common mistakes we see. A lot of people will tend to use a single extension, which is the site link extension. This is a great extension which guides people to specific pages or information on their website. However, they simply ignore other extensions that could be extremely beneficial for their business like callout extensions that enable businesses to highlight their offers like quick delivery and free shipping to users. Other extensions that are mostly ignored are click-to-text extensions, call extensions, promotion extensions, and seller rating extensions. All of these Adwords extensions are capable of providing real results if used properly. Do your research and find out what extensions suit your business, this way you can maximise your approach and results.

Selection of Keywords:

When it comes to keywords, this process requires in-depth research and know-how about basic business requirements.  It is often observed that the people who are new to Adwords tend to use a faulty selection of keywords that don’t bring desired results. Most of the people tend to go with broad match keywords selection, which sounds good in the beginning but it would cost you money because your ad will appear in irrelevant searches that are of no good use to your business. Therefore, it is better to go with the phrase or exact match of keywords so you pay for only the ads that are shown to users or customers who are interested in services or products like yours.  

Set and Forget:

It is essential to know that an effective Google Adwords campaign requires continuous effort for ideal results. It is not something to set and forget. Most businesses set up their Adwords account, specify the budget and just forget about it like it is going to bring in the best results it can on its own. It is a serious job and requires continuous follow-up. Just like a plant, the more you tend to it, and water it, the better, bigger, and stronger it grows. If you don’t have substantial time for this process consider consulting a professional agency and outsource the task to get the best results for your business.