Common Mistakes During Car Detailing In West Palm Beach, FL

Car detailers who are new to doing it themselves often make mistakes. They think they can do the things they see in videos about car cleaning. Of course, you can clean your car on your own. But we strongly suggest that you know the right way to do things and the best materials to use. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to supplies for auto detailing, expensive doesn’t always mean effective. We’ve used good cleaning products that worked just as well as more expensive ones.

Detailing a car is not something you should do on the fly. Some surfaces will need to be scrubbed and rubbed, but other parts need to be handled with the utmost care. So, how can you keep your car looking nice and avoid making mistakes when you clean it?

List of Top 5 Car Detailing Mistakes

Incorrect Car Wash Practices

Some detailers like to clean cars in open spaces because the extra light helps them see what needs to be cleaned and fixed. But you should never wash your car in direct sunlight, especially on hot summer days. So big that we put it at the top of our list of the most common car cleaning mistakes. Soap and water can dry out quickly in the sun, leaving behind hard-to-remove water spots.

People often wash things from the top to the bottom. This might work when cleaning a house, but not when cleaning a car. When cleaning your car, don’t forget to clean the wheels first. The wheels are the dirtiest part of the car, and since they are at the bottom, many detailers make the mistake of cleaning them last. If you do this, it’s likely that the dirt and grime from the wheels will get all over the car body that you just cleaned.

Wrong Cleaning Agents

If you see tar or something else that sticks to your car, you might be tempted to run inside and grab some dish soap for a quick fix. What’s good? This will work because the formula of the dish soap can get rid of even the toughest dirt and grease. Dish soap is so good at getting rid of sticky grease that we use it to make and use a homemade engine cleaner. Unfortunately, the dish soap cleans too well and can remove the wax and sealant that protect a car. This will leave the parts of the car that have been washed open to UV rays, water, and other things in the environment.

In the same way that a detailer should know how to clean too well, they should also know when to use a clay bar. Clay bars are great for getting dirt off of car paint that has become stuck. But one mistake you shouldn’t make when cleaning your car is to use it too much. Clay bars are rough, so using them too often could cause tiny scratches in the paint. We suggest that you use a clay bar three to four times a year.

You shouldn’t use shampoo on carpet mats either, because shampoo is hard to get out of everything and will cause mildew. Also, the drying process takes a lot of time. If you put the mats out in the sun, it could weaken the material. Invest in a carpet cleaner with foam, which is easy to clean and dry.

Incorrect Wax Applications

Only use the recommended wax applicator or use the applicator that came with the product. Most waxes come with a small sponge or foam applicator that makes it easy to spread the wax evenly. Don’t use dirty clothes! These could have dirt and other impurities that could scratch the car.

If you are using liquid wax, don’t just pour it on your car. This will cause streaks or spots of different colors. Pour the right amount onto a pad for applying. Then use this to put it on and polish it.

Only put wax on a surface that is completely clean. One of the worst mistakes you can make when cleaning your car is to do the opposite. Even if you are using a cleaner wax, you should always wash your car before waxing it. Dirt particles can scratch the car’s top coat if they are not removed first.

Not Following Product Instructions

Detailers who were in a hurry would use cleaners without reading the directions, which are usually on the back or side of the package. One of the most common mistakes people make when they clean their cars is not giving the product enough time to “dwell,” or work its magic. Most chemicals used for detailing, like leather or carpet cleaners, need time to work well.

If you polished off right away after applying, you wouldn’t get good results. Most things should only need to sit for two to three minutes. Some people might use more force because they think that will make the product work faster. This will only cause scratches and maybe even a change in color. It is better to let chemicals settle and then wipe with just enough force to get the job done.

Some waxes need to settle and “haze” for a few minutes before you can wipe them off and buff them. Since each wax is different, you should read the instructions before you use it.

Not Using Microfiber Towels

Let’s get this straight. When you clean your car, you should only use microfiber towels. Rags may have rough spots that can scratch your car, but microfiber towels are soft. These towels can soak up more water than regular towels and get rid of water spots well. Lastly, microfiber towels have a “puffier” or “fuzzier” surface that helps “catch” dirt and other impurities and soak them up. Too-smooth towels don’t have enough “nap” to soak up dirt, so it just sticks to the surface.

Chamois might work. Chamois is better for drying surfaces than microfiber towels because it can soak up more water. But the surface is smooth and has very little nap, it doesn’t pick up dirt as well. Even though chamois towels absorb more than microfiber towels, that is not a good enough reason to use them instead.

Don’t use a fabric softener on your microfiber towel when you clean it. The extra softness isn’t necessary for the microfiber, and the softener can leave behind chemicals that can damage car wax.

If you don’t think you can do it or don’t have the time, you can have a professional do it for you. You can take your car to a professional detailer like Modern Day Detailing. We have the skills and knowledge to car detailing in West Palm Beach the right way. Set up a time to meet with us today. Call Us Today at (772) 348-2823