Common Misconceptions About Window Shutters

Most people looking to cover windows around the home instinctively opt for curtains. Cheap, easy to hang and easy to use, curtains remain the first (and only) choice for many households.

Even so, it is not until you upgrade to high-quality window shutters that you realise just how advantageous they can be. In terms of privacy, security, versatility, lighting control and timeless good looks, bespoke window shutters really are in a league of their own.

As for what discourages some households from upgrading to window shutters, it is often a case of simple misunderstandings. Myths and misconceptions regarding window shutters can indeed be off-putting, despite being far from the truth of the subject.

With this in mind, here are just a few examples of the most common misconceptions about window shutters:

1.     They Are Too Expensive

Window shutters are available in a wide range of materials, styles and configurations to suit all budgets. From ultra-premium hardwood plantation shutters to affordable uPVC options, prices vary significantly from one product to the next. Just as some types of window shutters can be more expensive than some types of curtains, the same is also true in reverse.

Either way, upgrading to high-quality window shutters does not have to be an expensive home improvement.

2.     They Require Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Quite the opposite, the very best window shutters are designed to be practically maintenance-free. Professionally installed shutters come with the reassurance of an extensive warranty, during which any issues encountered will be addressed on your behalf.  But as window shutters are designed with long-term practicality and convenience in mind, the likelihood of encountering any issues is minimal.

Treated with care and cleaned with little more than an occasional wipe, shutters have a near-indefinite lifespan and are practically maintenance-free.

3.     They Are Not Suitable for the Bathroom

This myth stems from the fact that some types of materials shutters can be made from are not suitable for high-humidity environments. But there are also window shutters that are designed specifically for the bathroom, the kitchen and similarly humid rooms. Shutters can be a particularly fantastic choice for the bathroom, where privacy and ventilation are of the utmost importance.

It is simply a case of ensuring you choose shutters that are made to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

4.     They Are Difficult and Time-Consuming to Clean

Not at all – you simply need to give the surface of the material a regular wipe, in order to keep your shutters clean and sanitary. Unlike conventional curtains, non-porous window shutters cannot and will not harbour dust, germs, allergens, bacteria, viruses and so on. They are perhaps the easiest of all window coverings to keep clean and hygienic, for the benefit of the entire household.

This is particularly true if you have allergy sufferers at home, who could benefit enormously from an upgrade to window shutters.

5.     They Make Your Interiors Dark All the Time

One of the biggest benefits of window shutters is how they can be used to create a cosy, comfortable and completely private ambience inside. When acquired, the louvres and panels can be fully closed, resulting in near-total darkness. The rest of the time, the panels and louvres can be angled in such a way as to maximise natural light absorption.

You therefore benefit from the best of both worlds, with the kind of total light control you simply do not get with curtains.

6.     They Are Difficult and Time-Consuming to Install

The beauty of bespoke window shutters lies in the fact that they are precision-made to suit their intended openings in advance. This means that most of the difficult work is already done and the frames simply need to be attached to your windows.  At the hands of a professional installation team, window shutter installation can be wrapped up in just a few short hours.

After which, you will be looking at a long-term investment in your home’s comfort, practicality and visual appeal.

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