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Common Electrical Problems & When To Call An Electrician

Electrical issues may be aggravating, uncomfortable, and even deadly. These problems, which range from flickering lights to frequent circuit breaker tripping, can interfere with our everyday activities and jeopardize the security of our houses. 

While the homeowner may fix some simple electrical issues, it’s important to know when to seek the assistance of a certified electrician. This blog explores the common electrical problems you might face in your household. Continue reading, as we also understand when you need to call an electrician. 

Common Electrical Problems Indicating You Need An Electrician

Flickering Lights: 

Flickering lights are among the most prevalent electrical issues that homeowners experience. It might seem to be a little irritation, but it may be a sign of more severe problems. It’s possible for defective wiring, poor connections, or overloaded circuits to result in flickering lights. 

You should speak with an electrician burnside if you see constant flickering throughout your home. To ensure your electrical system operates securely and effectively, they may evaluate the issue, determine its underlying cause, and offer the required fixes or replacements.

Circuit Breaker Trips: 

A circuit breaker will trip when your electrical system experiences an overload or a short circuit. Your house is shielded from dangerous electrical fires by this safety feature. However, repeated circuit breaker tripping could indicate a deeper problem. Defective wiring, overloaded circuits, or broken equipment may bring on these trips. 

It’s crucial to speak with an electrician if your circuit breakers frequently trip, especially while utilizing particular equipment or in particular rooms of your house. They can assess the load distribution, locate the issue, and implement the required modifications or repairs to stop additional interruptions.

Electrical Surges: 

Electrical surges are abrupt voltage rises that risk damaging your electrical equipment and starting a fire. Lightning strikes, defective wiring, and problems with the utility company’s power supply are all potential causes of surges. 

Although power strips and surge protectors provide some protection, persistent electrical surges need to be handled by a specialist. To protect your house and appliances, an electrician burnside can examine your electrical system, locate the surge’s source, install surge protection equipment, or perform the required maintenance.

Outlets and Switches Malfunctions: 

Broken switches and outlets may cause more than simple annoyance. They may be a sign of faulty wiring, loose connections, or worn-out parts. It’s critical to call an electrician if you notice switches or outlets that aren’t functioning, feel warm to the touch, or shoot sparks. 

These problems may result in electrical fires, electrical shocks, or appliance damage. To guarantee the operation and safety of your electrical system, a qualified electrician will examine the impacted outlets or switches, diagnose the issue, and carry out any required repairs or replacements.

Wiring Problems: 

A qualified electrician must be called right away to fix any outdated or defective wiring since it is a significant electrical issue. Burning odors, discolored outlets, frequent bulb burnouts, or rats in your house indicate wiring issues. Significant safety dangers, such as electrical fires or electrocution, might arise from these problems.

 To maintain the security and dependability of your electrical system, an electrician will inspect the state of your wiring, spot any broken or outdated portions, and carry out the required rewiring or repairs.


Never take electrical issues lightly since they might endanger your property’s and its residents’ safety. While homeowners may fix some small problems, knowing when specialized knowledge is required is critical. You can ensure that your house’s electrical system is safe, reliable, and long-lasting by taking care of issues immediately and relying on expert solutions from Smart Tech Electrical.