Collectible knives

Knives are perhaps the earliest utensils known to man. Nowadays, a quality knife is more than just a cutting tool – for many, a favorite folder or hunting knife has turned into an indication of status and a good companion to enjoy and to spend time with. No wonder, knife collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many knife adorers and even by lovers of dainty artifacts.

Collecting knives – an absorbing hobby 

Knife collecting has the hallmarks of everything that is needed to make a hobby entertaining: a collection of useful tools each of them is an exquisite piece of art (in case of quality custom knives) will be enjoyed over a long period of time. This hobby is known to sustain the enthusiasm of fans for decades, and sometimes becomes a lifestyle choice.

Collecting knives comes in many fashions and ways. Some collect knives by brands, some by knife makers or by functionality. However, there are those who collect art knives mostly for profit. High-end or semi-antique knives are known to increase in price over time, and some knife collections have proven they can yield profit. Knife making and knife trading is a huge market, and there are always people who seek to buy or collect knives. Hence, if you don’t want to keep your collection (or even started it just for money in the first place), you can often sell it for a higher price than you bought.

Collectible knives

Great collectable knives

Only worthy knives are worth being collected. Quality and craftsmanship are everything, so you should each time buy the best you can afford. There are many genuine high-end, semi-antique knives you can collect. A minimal research and focus on reliable sources will help you overcome traps and build a robust, worthful collection. 

Reputable resources, such as Noblie Knife Store, provide tips for newbie knife collectors and examples of very popular, collectible knives. Here are some examples: 

  • Buck 110: This folding hunting knife is simple, reliable, and features lifetime guarantee from the company Buck Knives. Its hard blade allows cutting through bird bones and branches.
  • Finnish Puukko knife: This traditional Finnish everyday knife has a distinct national identity, that is a great addition to an expert’s collection. The knife’s strong and stable blade is suitable for any hunting task.
  • FS knife: This model has its design based on the shape of a stiletto dagger and is the favorite of many special forces.
  • KA-BAR: The famous knife brand owes its name to a real-life situation in which a hunter thanked the company for the quality of the knife with which he had managed to kill a bear. Featuring a very strong, sturdy blade, this knife model is branded as a professional marine knife. 

Choosing a collectable knife 

If you’ve already set your mind to becoming a knife collector, or just wish to gather more information about the topic, go to resources and databases offered by reputable, upscale knifemakers. Purveyors such as Noblie online knife store will furnish you with plenty of data about all aspects of knife collecting and will help you find a collectable gift. A huge variety of exquisite, lavishly adorned, inimitable knives will offer you a pool of choices: each of them will be a perfect add-on and can make for a centerpiece of a most pretentious collection.

The knives have evolved alongside the human race, and the evolution of knifemaking still continues in a most creative way bringing us an overwhelming diversity of shapes and fashions. So, before starting a collection, gather information carefully and assess your actual purpose for buying knives in the first place.

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