Cloudasta Unveils Highly Scalable Managed Email Migration Service To Google Workspace For Global Industries

Cloudasta, the leading Google Cloud partner, is proud to announce its commitment to providing the most scalable managed email migration service to Google Workspace customers around the globe.

With a focus on becoming the most highly reviewed and most passionately recommend Google Cloud Partner, Cloudasta stands out in the industry with its simple self-service email migration tool available for free. Such managed and self-service features have helped millions of users migrate from anywhere around the world to Google Workspace. Over 850+ companies and 100+ migration projects have benefitted from its customized turnkey managed migration services.

Cloudasta-managed email migration service serves mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. The users can merge multiple domains into a single primary domain or multiple secondary. The managed migration services also aid in the migration and transition of users from an acquired company. The turnkey managed migration service can also help in moving data when spinning off employees into another entity.

The Google Cloud partner provides a customised managed email migration service to Google Workspace. Customers can get exclusive access to its most scalable email-only and self-service migration tool for free. To bring their workspace subscription over Cloudasta. This would unlock unlimited access to the migration application as well as other benefits, like security, cost-saving audits, support, and more. The migration tool can even be utilised throughout the year for archiving data as well as consolidating the user accounts. Ultimately, saving the user money on monthly Workspace spending.

Cloudasta managed migration service provides a wide range of features including a dedicated account manager, priority scheduling, switchover, custom timing, staged migration, email, incremental data migrations, contact, files, groups, calendars, active directory sync, email authentication, SAML, change management resources, custom administrator and end-user training, administrator and end-user resources, and other non-workspace Google services.

Customers can access a set or all of these features depending on whether they pick the free, standard, or premium migration package. While the self-service migration tool is available for free, customers can request a quote for the standard managed migration and premium managed migration package.

“We are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses. We understand how these businesses are underserved when they aim to reap complete benefits of an expansive cloud platform,” says the Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudasta, Mr. William Dagiantis. Each service we deliver is fully customized to meet client requirements. We provide migration expertise, deployment support, expert technical advice, licensing advice, an attentive support team, as well as flexible plans and payment methods, which sets us apart from our competition.”

Cloudasta’s commitment to excellence in Google Cloud Partner solutions and peak performance makes it the leading custom specialist Google Cloud Partner worldwide. Over the years, it has garnered acclaim as the most powerful migration platform available in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and other prominent nations across the globe.

Cloudasta was launched from within Shuttle Cloud, a Pennsylvania-based tech startup and developer of email migration tools. Shuttle Cloud works for large email providers like Yahoo, Google, and Comcast. Cloudasta is the only Google Partner integrated with Shuttle Cloud. As the migration platform has access to the latest tech and tools used by the largest email providers worldwide, Cloudasta strives to deliver a seamless Google Cloud service experience.