Children’s inflatable trampolines: features, types and selection rules

Children’s inflatable trampoline is a very entertaining and useful invention. For the entertainment of children, many inflatable models have been created. Spending time on a trampoline is not only fun, but also has a positive effect on the health and development of the growing body.

The inflatable play structure is an excellent sports equipment that trains muscles and the cardiovascular system.

There are always special requirements for baby productsThe products of many companies are presented on the inflatable trampoline market, but preference should be given to companies that have a certified confirmation of quality.

How to choose?

First of all, such a product requires maximum safety, environmental friendliness and high quality.

It is necessary to take into account the height of the slides and the guardrails, the dimensions of the braking area, the presence of such protective elements as nets, stiffeners, reliable fasteners.

For an outdoor trampoline, there must be at least 6 bindings. And also in a set with a quality product, accessories are supplied for inflating and maintaining the shape of the overall structure. The fan, pump and heater must be out of the child’s reach, protected and absolutely safe.

It is also important to have an information poster listing the rules of behavior for children on a trampoline.

The weight load on the inflated playground must be taken into account in accordance with the permissible limits stated by the manufacturer. It depends on the number of children on the trampoline at the same time and their total weight.


When installing a children’s best trampoline, there must be free space for its placement. If you intend to use it indoors, it is worth considering:

  • room area;
  • height from floor to ceiling;
  • dimensions;
  • ease of inflation and storage when assembled;

When using the trampoline outdoors, it is important to consider:

  • methods of fastening and its implementation at a specific site;
  • scale and surface of the proposed location;
  • the need to equip a canopy if the trampoline is planned to be used for the whole season;
  • protection of existing working electrical appliances from natural precipitation.


The classification of children’s play trampolines can be carried out depending on different parameters. For example, at the place of use, trampolines can be of several types.


Designed for outdoor use. They differ from home options in large dimensions (from 150×150 cm).

They, in turn, are divided into two types.

  • For individual outdoor use (in a private area). Compact dimensions allow the use and storage of products in homes and private yards, ease of transportation in a car. This type is more affordable in terms of price. An excellent option for giving.
  • For general use. The installation of such inflatable entertainment complexes is suitable for commercial purposes. They are often found in parks, shopping centers, and playgrounds. Structures occupy a large area and are equipped in different ways.


They are meant to be used in small playrooms in development centers, restaurants, cafes, and the like. The size and fastenings of the game complexes of this type are appropriate for their purpose. The complete set of quality models includes a manual or automatic pump.