Children’s Ability to Read and Write

It is important to encourage children to learn from an early age because their brains work faster and their learning ability is at its peak. If children are trained from the beginning about the importance of learning and the practice of writing, it will be beneficial for the rest of their lives. It is a fact that a child learns in many ways while attending primary school. This period is very important for the child to develop the habit of learning and thinking, in which the conscious development of young children begins. Cognitive development involves learning skills such as languages, strong memory, planning and work focus.

Parents also need to play their part in these early years. With the help of various activities, they can motivate children to learn new things. However, it is also a fact that training young children is not an easy task for parents and teachers. Through various activities and games we can motivate children to learn. Children sometimes have difficulty learning different things at the same time, but over time they become part of their habit.

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Emergency Literacy

The term Emergency Literacy is defined as when a child learns something but is not in a position to read or write anything. Instant literacy is a process that begins at birth and continues until the child is trained to read or write in the traditional sense. The term is used in the fields of psychology, linguistics, sociology and education. In fact, the process of reading and writing begins at a young age. From the beginning the child tries to communicate through various means of communication.

It has been observed that most children begin to recognize various symptoms by the age of two or three. This is due to the fact that every time children’s minds are in a state of learning and communicating different things. Every child is different, some have difficulty writing and some have difficulty reading. Research shows that most children have difficulty reading at an early age, but they start writing early.

How to Achieve Literacy?

Achieving literacy is not an easy task for young children. Although the child begins to observe all things using his five senses, he still needs guidance. The child learns easily through guidance and training. The child has different problems in acquiring literacy, especially in learning a second language.

Learning different languages ​​is usually a big problem for young children because not every child has the same mental state. Therefore, the same strategy cannot be applied to all children. Some children do not learn things quickly so it is important to use alternative techniques to develop a sense of learning in them.

To Teach Writing

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Not everyone knows all the ways to write. Most people know only one or two ways to write. It is best to train children from an early age to teach them different ways to write. For example, if parents want their child to become familiar with one of the ways to write English, they need to be guided at an early age about the English alphabet.

A specific writing system is used to write a particular language. The writing system is commonly known as script. On the other hand, various symbols are also used to guide children about the language. A child’s learning to write depends on the style and script of the language, you can teach your child about your language.

If we take the example of the English writing system, we find that it starts from left to right, while the Urdu writing system is the exact opposite, that is, from right to left. Therefore, it is important for parents to teach their young child these basics. Suppose you belong to an Urdu background and introduce your child to the Urdu writing system, then it is important for you to pay attention to the Arabic writing system as well. You should choose books and cards with Arabic words written on them so that your child can recognize these words along with Urdu.

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