Checking Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram stories are a highly watched and used feature of Instagram. More than a million people use Instagram stories everyday and a billion people watch Instagram stories. Instagram stories are consumed at a high rate. With such a huge response caught on Instagram stories, popular brands use Instagram stories to upload their important stuff and announcements. Individuals use Instagram stories to upload their daily moments. Instagram stories are the best way to know what your near and dear ones are up to. But at times we want a sneak peek into Instagram stories secretly. There is no way to conceal your identity on Instagram while viewing Instagram stories. But don’t worry we have got your back on this; we have enlisted some cool tricks to view any Instagram story anonymously.

1.     Use airplane mode: Instagram stories can be directly viewed from Instagram anonymously. Yes you heard that right! Though Instagram instantly records your name in the Instagram story viewers list as soon as you open any Instagram story, there is still a way to view any Instagram story anonymously on Instagram. Instagram pre-loads certain stories which can be viewed even without an active net connection. When you put your device on airplane mode it instantly cuts off internet connection. Now you can view all the pre-loaded Instagram stories anonymously, as without an active internet connection your name cannot be enlisted in Instagram story viewers list. But you can only see a few pre-loaded stories and not all.

2.     Use a third-party app: Third-party apps for anonymous Instagram story viewing are a great tool. These apps use AI technology to easily open any Instagram story on their app based on the username that you enter. Whenever you view stories on this external space your name would not be enlisted in Instagram story viewers list. One such app is Instazoomer. These apps have powerful tools to help you view any Instagram story. Not just this you can even download any Instagram story that you are viewing directly to your device using these tools. Certain apps like Instazoomer do not even require you to login in the app making it more secure for you to browse anonymously through anyone’s Instagram story.

3.     Finsta accounts: Finsta accounts are fake Instagram accounts. You can always make a fake Instagram account to stalk people. Another option is to ask your friend to let you use their account. You can conceal your identity under some other name and view people’s Instagram story. This helps you get hands on all the content posted by the person anonymously. You will require a separate id for this purpose. Moreover the person would see your fake name in the Instagram story viewer list rather than the original name. This helps you stalk people anonymously but ethically.

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