Causes of sore tongue and throat

Having a sore throat is usually a side-effect of the common cold, but that does not make it any less bothersome. Swallowing becomes a nightmare; even the slightest of gulp feels like salt on the wounds.

You cannot eat the foods you like and stay in a perpetual state of discomfort till the situation abates. Similar is the distress with a swollen tongue.

It feels rather odd. It is especially problematic for people who derive pleasure from life in the form of food.

It is, however, always pertinent to have any such problems checked by an expert like the ENT specialist in Lahore as these problems can also be symptomatic of serious health conditions as well.

Common causes of the swelling

There are a number of reasons why your throat or tongue may swell. Some of these include:


Injuries also be behind the soreness of the tongue and the throat. Examples of trauma to the tongue include biting or burning it. Moreover, it also is collateral damage from some dental work.

Throat may be irritated when it comes in contact with acid, which is often the case with people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). You may also feel a sore throat when you sleep or lay down soon after eating, especially cheesy and spicy food, which then leads to heartburn.

For those suffering from GERD, it is a good practice to not eat so soon before bedtime, use antacids, sleep on recline, and consult specialist doctors. It is also important for everyone to lay down after eating, instead, waiting an hour or two for the food to go down.

Moreover, if the soreness results from burns, you can get a reprieve from the stinging by taking more cold fluids and food, as hot anything will exacerbate the condition. If the wound on the tongue is behind the soreness, you can benefit from OTC medication.

Allergic reaction

Allergies can also be behind the dreadful soreness in the throat and tongue. Most often, allergies to pollen, mold, and similar other allergens that you inhale effect the throat. They cause inflammation therein. Food allergies mostly affect the tongue, leading to itching and swelling therein.   

It is pertinent to know the difference between a mild allergic reaction and anaphylaxis –the latter can be fatal even. It causes the body to go into anaphylactic shock; the throat and tongue become so swollen, that breathing becomes impossible.

There is no way to undo allergies; you are stuck with them. The only way to moderate your body’s reaction is by avoiding contact with the allergen. Therefore, read food labels carefully, ask the restaurant if the ingredients contain the allergen, and be generally careful about your dietary choices.

For allergens in the air, like pollen, your best bet is wearing masks, avoiding going out often, using air purifiers, and being careful about not contacting allergens.

Strep throat

Strep throat is also a fairly common culprit behind the sore throat. It is caused by bacteria. Its symptoms, other than a sore throat, include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, fever, red spots inside of the mouth, alongside the presence of white patches on the tonsils.

As strep throat is caused due to bacteria, its antidote is an antibacterial medicine. You should also take a healthy diet alongside to help your body recuperate. Take plenty of fluids. Due to soreness in the throat, seeks soft foods like bread instead of harder ones like wheat cereal.

The pain may also improve when you drink something chilly, as the cold helps in soothing the soreness.

Since it is a contagious condition, therefore, if you suspect yourself to have strep throat, you must visit the ENT specialist in Islamabad and get yourself tested immediately. It is also pertinent to timely seek treatment, as the infection may also spread to other parts, like the sinus or the ear.