Care of projector Lens- Simple Hacks

People love to see things on bigger screens that’s why projector is getting popular day by day.  Nowadays projector is being used everywhere like in the office, school and home. Not all the projectors are supplied perfectly into the market. But we want to confirm built quality before buying. But we forget to take care of the product on a daily basis. Projector that costs $200 usually have a better built quality with a better lens with quality full protective glass. As it’s a common used material. We have to take care of the product. We do not change our projectors usually. Better care ensures a longer projector life. 

Today we will discuss a simple hack of a caring projector lens.  Into this part you would know your lens variant and proper caring way. As it is one of the most important parts of a projector which ensures the quality of the image.

Types of projector Lens

Projector lenses have variants according to their use. Some of the projectors are made for heavy usage. Which may produce much more heat than the normal once. Projectors in the market are manufactured with two types of lens. They are-

  1. Glass lens.
  2. Resin lens.

The glass lenses of projectors are so heat resistant. Solid glass lenses might distract the image quality so the manufacturer uses some special materials to build the glass lens.

On the other hand the resin lenses are updated into the market. But they are insufficient for heat resistance. So the resin lens needed to be ared frequently as they are not built for heavy use.

The glass lenses are reflective. Because of this the lens would produce the expected image at the fresh condition. Neither little dust may cause disturbance during the projection. Beside this, the resin lenses are with better built quality. But their durability is not satisfactory. Their durability fluctuates with time.

The health of projectors always depends on the after buying care. So don’t resist what kind of lens you have! you should take care of them to maintain the image quality.

Things you have to know before cleaning a projector lens

A clean lens can greatly improve the image quality. But the lens glass is quite sensitive. A little scratch might decrease the image quality drastically. You should avoid rough clothes and paper to be clean with.

You might find projector glass cleaner liquid into the market which is specifically made to avoid scratches on the glass. And lens glass cleaner brush is very specific as it is so much soft and gives smoother clean. Don’t try to clean the lens glass with water or any other clothing material.

Things to do at the time of cleaning

Firstly turn off the projector and leave it for being cool. warm projector  may  cause disturbance during cleaning. Then clean the lens glass with a lens cleaning brush. After that spray the specific liquid lens clean cleaner.These types of lens cleaners are available into the market. wait a little bit.

Then apply the lens cleaner again and massage the lens with the brush. You should cleanse the lens at a circular motion so neither the dust might jam at any corner. This is the standard cleaning technique. Only use the lens  cleaning product. Do not apply any other products as it’s very sensitive to dust and any others.

Things to avoid while cleaning

The lens glass contains an external coating to avoid reflection and  regular dust. If you wanna clean the lens glass with your clothings or t-shirt that might cause irreversible damage to the coatings. Don’t weep on the glass. And don’t touch the brush before or after cleaning. Your finger would be the main reason for gathering more dust from the outer environment. Any of your creative experiments might turn into a serious damage like discoloring the image.

Cleaning Density

It doesn’t  matter how many days you are leaving your projector without use. Dust must be on the body every time. Frequent cleanse of the lens cap and making proper use of it makes it easy to clean the lens as less dust gets a chance to drop on the lens. If you are on a vacation you should keep the projector at a covering or into a box.

At a regular use you might cleanse your projector monthly if the dust is less. In high dust rooms it needs to be cleansed weekly. And always keep the cleaning material at a safe place.

Final Words

 A cleaning operation should be applied when the dust is noticeable. But keep in the mind that flammable gas cleaner must be avoided.  Using such kinds of products might damage the lens permanently if the lamp is in heated condition. A regular cleaning operation will keep the image quality new and would help you to preserve the projectors health condition as a new one. And keep an on the overheating issue. If you notice dust on the lens and the projector is overheated you should clean the lens immediately neither it may cause irreversible damage.

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