It’s that time of the year in Australia when you would want to visit your nearest beach and spend a day in the sun. To keep the sun out of your eyes, having an outdoor umbrella at the beach could be a great idea. So you might be tempted to bring your patio umbrella along with your sunglasses, sunscreen, and beach chairs. But, let us tell you something. While it might all sound like a perfect trip to the beach, the truth is patio umbrellas are not recommended to be used on the beach.

We understand that patio umbrellas and beach umbrellas look alike and both serve the same purpose of keeping you cool by sheltering you from the sun. So you might wonder what could possibly go wrong if you carry your patio umbrella to the beach. But they do differ in a few basic ways. 


Patio umbrellas are great options to have for your backyard or deck. They are typically made to stay in one spot and can be adjusted based on the sun’s position in the sky. These heavy duty outdoor umbrellas are quite sturdy due to their heavy weight and could also become a safety hazard if they fly away in strong winds. 

Beach umbrellas are often portable and lightweight. These heavy duty umbrellas offer you reliable UV protection and are available in bright colours so that you can spot them from a distance. 

Read on as we explain in detail the differences between patio and beach umbrellas and why you can’t use your patio heavy duty umbrella on the beach…

  • Anchor: Patio umbrellas need a base to stand upright. They generally come with flat bottoms that make it tricky to set them up on the sandy shores. They also rely on the anchor’s weight to hold them steady in one place. At times, the anchors are also connected to the table for more support and stability. The combined weight of these anchors and tables helps these outdoor umbrellas ideal to be set up on a patio. 

Beach umbrellas, on the other hand, feature pointed, sharp anchors that can be nestled deep into the sand. The sand acts as an anchor and holds the umbrella in place. However, we suggest you carry a few additional weights like sandbags, water weights, or metal plates to secure your beach umbrella more tightly. It is also recommended to drill the umbrella’s pole into the sand as much as you can. This will add further stability to the umbrella. 

  • Materials: The frame of patio umbrellas can be made of materials like aluminium, steel and wood. The canopy features a thicker fabric that is both water and wind-resistant. 

Beach umbrellas, meanwhile, have frames made of either aluminium, fibreglass, or plastic. These are all lightweight materials that add flexibility to the umbrella. These also make these umbrellas easy to carry. The canopies of beach umbrellas also offer extra UV protection, which is crucial if you are planning an extended stay on the beach. 

  • Portability: In contrast to beach umbrellas, patio umbrellas are heavier. Once you set up a patio umbrella, you usually keep it in place for a long time. So these heavy duty outdoor umbrellas tend to be a little heavier to have more stability. 

The lightweight beach umbrellas are portable. They are easy to carry around from one location to another. These outdoor umbrellas are often collapsible too, making it easier for you to load them into your vehicles.

  • Wind-resistant: Beach umbrella frames are typically made of fibreglass or aluminium, which is a malleable metal. That’s the reason it provides more flexibility. The frames of patio umbrellas feature all kinds of materials including wood and steel which makes them rigid in comparison to beach umbrella frames. 

However, we must take the opportunity to tell our readers that if the wind speed increases, you must close or fold your heavy duty umbrellas. Another piece of advice is not to use wooden-framed umbrellas because wood tends to snap easily under strong winds. 

  • Colour and design: Beach umbrellas come in a wide variety of colours and unique designs and patterns. This helps you to locate your umbrella easily on a crowded beach. Patio umbrellas are available in more natural and neutral colours that blend with their surroundings.


By now, you must have understood that it makes little sense to carry your patio umbrella to the beach. Instead, you must buy a proper beach umbrella that provides the perfect amount of shade from the sun so that you can relax and spend quality time on the sandy shores. 

However, we want to leave you with one last thought. You must not compromise on quality when you are buying a beach umbrella. We understand that you might feel that beach umbrellas only need to be anchored in the sand and stay upright for a short period of time. But that doesn’t mean that you would go for a cheaper product. This is because we don’t want you investing in beach umbrellas every year. Purchasing a top-quality umbrella would ensure that your product is durable and long-lasting. So buy umbrellas that are worth your money!