Can 42-day cosmetic courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass really boost your career?

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass has revolutionised online education by launching more than twenty online cosmetic training courses. These courses will be very helpful for upcoming cosmetic doctors who are still medical students, and also for already established practising cosmetic doctors and nurses.

These online courses are designed by Dr Vi, who is renowned and is also one of the best cosmetic doctors in Australia. Dr Vi has been practising for over 10 years, and today he is often sought after by cosmetic brands for his experience and expertise.

Dr Vi has already founded a number of cosmetic clinics located around Australia. His newest venture is Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses, and they have quickly shown much promise and garnered attention. Through these online cosmetic training courses, Dr Vi aims to widen the knowledge of aesthetic medicine including skin or facial anatomy, cosmetic conditions, product know-how, and other theories that may be useful in boosting the careers of cosmetic students. He has designed the curriculum of the courses by himself, and he will also be mentoring the students signing up.

With online education being globally recognized more with each day, online cosmetic courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass are an innovative line in the field of medical education. The courses are certified and you can achieve certification to boost your career in the right way from the comfort of your home nonetheless.

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses have received more than 1000 five-star rated reviews for their courses by students who have completed or are currently in the process of completing any online cosmetic training from Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass. The courses are affordable to any medical student, cosmetic doctor or nurse withing to learn or polish their skills.

When asked, a current cosmetic trainee Lucy Abdalla says, “I took two courses and absolutely loved it. I really love the way that the course was run. The doctor and staff were kind and very patient. We had a chance to learn anatomy as well as get hands-on training which was the best I’ve ever had”. Lucy took the Lip filler training course, which is mentored by Dr Vi.

Not just medical students but also established and practising cosmetic doctors and nurses have also found value and help after completing any of these courses. Melissa Clark, a cosmetic practitioner reviewed, “It was worth every penny. I’m already looking into repeating the class and attending many more. They are so passionate about what they do, and Dr Vihang’s skill and artistic eye are unmatched”. Melissa took an artistic facial transformation course and has found that it has further polished her presentation skills. Her cosmetic skills improved significantly as well as the training kept her up to date with new advancements in treatment procedures in the field of cosmetic medical science.

Students who have completed or are currently in the process of completing any of the online courses of Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass from their homes have also found the duration and timing of the classes very flexible. Visit for more information, and sign up today!