Best Budget Mehendi Ideas For Wedding Day

Budget Mehendi Ideas – Your wedding day is a memorable one for every girl. Everyone wants to leave no stone unturned to make her special. This was in the past when the entire focus of the bride was limited to the wedding day only. Now the time has changed, to make the wedding day memorable, the help of wedding planner is taken. But now girls want their mehndi or sangeet every function should be different. By the way, everyone wants to do this, but there is a difficulty in budgeting.

Budget Mehendi Ideas
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Just today we have brought a solution to this problem for you. What happened if the budget is less, just put a little mind and work a little hard. Then see how your Mehndi function becomes special. Here we are giving you some tips on how to make Mehndi function memorable in a low budget.

Choose Mehndi Artist as per your budget: Budget Mehendi Ideas

Now how to choose a mehndi artist, it depends on your budget. If you want, you can also search for Mehndi Artist on social media. Check the reviews given by the people there, it will help you. Before the Mehndiwala decide the rate of applying Mehndi to the bride and the rest of the people.

Take a one-time trial of Mehndi Artist

Budget Mehendi Ideas – It is not necessary that the artist booked online is good. For this, call him once and try to get a light design done. This will let you know how his hand moves. Also, you will get to know how the color of mehndi is coming to you. If you think that your regular parlor can also apply better mehndi on the mehndi artist than the money you are spending, then now you have the option to think about it.

Apart from this, there are many such mehndi people sitting on the roadside in the local market, which looks very good mehndi, but we are hesitant to get them installed, what people will say that even a good Mehndi artist has not been called for the wedding. If you are thinking like this, then let people go. Look at your budget first.

Once you call a mehndi person with work rate and try to get mehndi done by him too, if he likes you, then you will save a lot of money. Then when he applies good mehndi, people will also forget from where you have called him. You can also share your likes and dislikes with him so that there is no confusion later.

Make a separate Mehndi Corner

You must have noticed that whenever you go to any function, one corner of it highlights the whole program. The decoration there is also different. But you do not have enough budget that if you can get it decorated by calling from outside, then what happened. Budget Mehendi Ideas – You can also do this work yourself. Choose a corner and you can use it to apply mehndi.

In this way, that corner will also be highlighted. Here you can use brass vases, old saris, chunnis, and bright dupatta for decoration. There you can do something like a separate stage for Mehndi so that the bride is in the middle of everyone’s eyes. In this way, using only your brain, you can create a beautiful corner for less money.

use swing for decoration

Budget Mehendi Ideas – Here the swing will act as a stage for you. With this, you will also save money on getting the stage installed. If there is no swing, then it can also be taken from a friend, etc. This place will be perfect for the bride to be seated. You can decorate this entire swing with marigold flowers. That’s what makes the function look better.

Mehndi outfit should be in budget: Budget Mehendi Ideas

Lest you save on everything else, but spend so much on your Mehndi dress that the entire budget was ruined. No no, we are not saying that you should not wear a good dress, wear it at all, but show smartness in making it. For example, if you have a heavy lehenga in the past, then get it customized by a tailor near your home like getting a different blouse made with it.

You can completely change your look by wearing Mummy’s Banarasi saree in a sari style over a light skirt and wearing heavy jewelery with it. If you want to take something new, then instead of going to the mall for it, explore the local market, there you will definitely get something in your budget.

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Use dupatta and saris for decoration

Budget Mehendi Ideas – Now due to budget work, if the decorator is not able to come from outside, then what happened, we can do this decoration ourselves. You must have seen that even professionals use different chunnis for this type of mehndi function. Admittedly, their chunnies are used only for big and special decorations.

But such sarees and dupatta will be found in your mother’s wardrobe as well. If not, then it is also available in the market at a very low rate. Buy them from the market and come. They can be attached to the walls with a stile. For this, knead them in each other or by attaching them together, with the help of a hook or nail, tie them in a round circle.

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Apart from this, you can also follow any design by seeing it from the internet. If you use plain sarees or dupattas along with leharis, bandages, and chunari prints in between, then the decoration will be full of moon. Take the help of your siblings and friends for this. After all, that’s all he can do for your marriage.