Bring your Advanced JL Audio Marine Tech

Advancement in technology and changes in customer tastes have instigated antennas, tracks, CD players and cassette decks to disappear from their familiar places in the yachts and boats. As JL audio is delimitating the marine audio system, their mechanics now work with yacht builders to ensure optimal placement of the speakers. It has got a new DSP technology that moves this pro-active support even further, enabling JL audio to bring some high-custom tuning profiles to its customers. JL ensures spacious soundstage and acoustic performance, specifically optimized near the yacht’s seating arrangement.

Marine Tech Miami is chiefly a Marine Electronics superstore. It is the largest JL Marine Audio stereo provider in South Florida with its mobile marine audio professionals. You can be able to build your own dream marine stereo with their assistance. It is their daily job to select the right marine amplifiers, speakers, and stereos. Their mobile installation experts team can come to your home and give you a free-of-cost estimation on your marine electronics. They’ll help you to design the layout for your audio system. JL Marine Audio stereos offer a two-year warranty if they are installed with the original JL Audio wiring system. So, if you want some high-class advice and installation, then make sure to give JL an opportunity to do the job for you.

About JL Marine Audio

JL audio develops advance and innovative products that enhance the audio experience doesn’t matter what the place is, home or the studio. The commitment of JL Audio to quality manufacturing and unique engineering is the reason now that it operates in three U.S engineering facilities including Florida, Miramar, and USA factory for the souring of components and their global supply.

JL Audio has been in the sound system industry that is used for boats, yachts, and also for cars. There is so much acceptance among the customers that the JL Audio Marine manufacturers are regarded as one of the best sound systems suppliers around the globe.

JL Marine Audio is a JL Audio product that focuses on making sound systems for marine vessels, particularly for boats and yachts. Since such vehicles are designed for recreation and entertainment, sound systems support entertainment and its need. Products provided for offshore sound systems are required to be waterproof according to the installation method. There are amplifiers and speakers available installed in enclosed areas. The connectors used are also designed for heavy-duty use. Knowing about JL Marine Audio will have cleared your point of view so, now let’s have a look at their installation.

JL Audio Marine Installation

The difference between JL Audio Marine amps from standard amps is high quality. With JL Audio becoming a pioneer in automotive audio systems, the knowledge needed for decades is running high. Amplifiers work best where they draw a small amount of current across every 1 Watt of output power. With such efficiency, the cooling systems are not stressed enough, and your boat’s energy resources are conserved. Heavyweight connectors are installed also to connect the amplifier to the speakers.

JL Marine Audio products can be divided into 4 parts:

  •  Source units – Receive input from audio players such as CD players, MP3 players, and smartphones
  •  Sound amplifiers – Apparently amplify a small signal from sound players to a very high level
  •  Speakers – of various sizes
  •  Connectors – Connect all products together to form a single audio or audio system

As mentioned, the amplifier picks up an electrical signal from the source units. Sound is converted into electricity, which many technicians call ‘signal’. This signal, which comes from the audio player, will go to the source unit as input. In that line of thought, you can say that sound may have entered the input side.

The speaker system consists mainly of 3 types:

  • Tweeter – Emits high-frequency sounds
  • Sub-woofer or Woofer – Dealing with low-frequency sounds
  • Mid-Range – Handles the waves in the middle.

JL Audio Marine speakers are well known for the quality of their audio output. Designed for marine vessels, speakers are available with or without locks. Currently, there are 2 types of speaker systems built including M3, which is a standard speaker system that can fit into any standard speaker system, and the M6, which is a speaker system designed for a high-end audio experience and ideal for events.

Not only is the JL Audio Marine subwoofer company’s most popular product, but there are also some excellent audio products. For smaller sizes, there are JL Audio 6.5 Marine speakers. For larger applications such as those installed in cockpits, the company also produces JL Audio Marine 7.7 speakers.

Defeat the Noise

One of the biggest enemies of any sound system is noise. It can appear anywhere, it may be power fluctuations, wireless interference signals, or incorrect input. The audio description is an unwanted electric signal. Sound can range from low-frequency sound, measuring 500 Hz and below, to waves above 2000 Hz but still audible. Typically, a sound system encounters low noise waves like the sound of a shout. Fortunately, reputable brands, such as JL Audio, build their sound systems that eliminate such sound to give you the sound quality you want.

Now that we’ve discussed JL Audio Marine speakers and the background of amplifiers let’s take a look at their power in overcoming unpopular frequency noise. As mentioned earlier, noise is any unwanted signal. With that definition, one can find that the way to eliminate noise is to filter it from the desired sound.

The part responsible for filtering signals is called “filters” or “attenuators.” They are connected to the circuit of amplifiers. Knowing that the JL Audio Marine amp is designed for high-quality sound, it is expected that the filters used will perform their functions very well. The “scaling” part is responsible for adjusting the filter volume; that’s why you tune the amplifier. However, filters have limitations because they only handle signals on the input side. If there is the presence of sound that enters the part of the system beyond the amplifier section, then the filters cannot help at all.

Since JL Audio products are used on a boat where the engine is much more powerful than the one used in cars, the low-frequency noise produced is almost impossible to avoid. With the company’s technology, JL Marine speakers overcome this type of sound in the form of a subwoofer. With the addition of subwoofers, the low-frequency sounds seem clean.


If it seems to be your first boat, it is advisable to look at the warranty services. It is also a good idea for an experienced user or a third-party expert, to inspect and test (if possible) equipment before installation.

The product should be properly installed first. Some vendors offer warranty installations but always read the good print. Most marine electronics are unaffected and must be repaired only by an authorized manufacturer. Without a prolonged warranty or service, some installers may not hesitate to damage the product, which may shorten the life of the equipment.


JL Marine Audio is, without a doubt, an excellent product of marine audio programs. It is designed for amplifier circuitry, and its iconic subwoofers are fitted to eliminate low-frequency noise and other electrical noises. JL Marine speakers can be as large in size as any other installation vessel conforming to your marine yacht requirement.