Bring A Rustic Atmosphere To Your Home With Terracotta Floor Tiles

Today, one of the most important issues is the protection of the environment. Home decoration designers also pay a lot of attention to this use of pottery accessories in choosing home appliances. Another issue raised in the choice of flooring is their durability. Now, the question arises, what materials have both of these properties?

One of these materials is pottery. This tile model has been used from the past to the present. The use of terracotta floor tiles has even been found in the ruins of ancient civilizations. This shows that clay tiles are not only very durable but also environmentally friendly and completely natural.

Using clay tiles at home will give your home a rustic, old and attractive look. Clay tiles have been seen in traditional Indian style houses for centuries. The Indians use pottery as floor tiles, utensils, vases, decorative accessories of various sizes, and so on.

In today’s world, the use of clay tiles has become a trend and has its own fans. For this reason, in this article, we examined how to use terracotta floor tiles.

How Is Terracotta Produced?

Terracotta in Italian means cooked soil. The clay is first filtered to remove dust, small stones and other particles that are present in the clay. It is then mixed with water to get a good consistency.

When the clay becomes doughy, it is given a special shape to it. After shaping, the pottery is placed in the sun to dry completely. Then the dish, tiles and hardened clay are placed in the oven and cooked. This process may take up to two weeks. Basically, clay tiles are glazed to make it suitable for home use. Glazing makes terracotta floor tiles look softer. When you walk on these tiles, you feel warmth in your feet.

The process of baking pottery creates certain colors and shades of light on the terracotta floor tile, so none of these tiles are the same. Various colors from red to brown can be seen in terracotta floor tiles.

These tiles come in a variety of sizes and designs. Squares, rectangles, hexagons and etc. are examples of shapes of clay tiles that give a special look to your home. Terracotta floor tiles stay healthy for a long time due to their high durability.