Branding an NPO. Benefits & specifics of the process 

The more important things your nonprofit is doing the more you need branding. How come? Strategic branding helps you stand out and be noticed which is extremely important for those who need sponsors, donors, supporters, as well as people you help to learn about what you are doing. 

What’s the essence of a branding strategy? 

Your branding strategy usually contains all the most important information about the objectives of your nonprofit and how to reach them. If your organization has a mission and it successfully moves towards its completion then your strategy is comprehensive enough and you are doing everything correctly. 

Uniqueness  as a TOP goal

Your story is always unique so why not tell it to your supporters? You will always find uniqueness as a must-have feature to be defined and described for your organization by each non-profit marketing expert. To find out how unique your NPO is you should clearly describe your mission, activities, communication & action culture – complete your positioning basics. It is not necessary to compare your organization with others too openly – just stress out what special you do and why it is important. 

Strategy Extension

Very often non-profit organizations complete their strategy and watch it being implemented only inside the organization, among their supporters, volunteers, and workers. This is very important, of course, but it is also crucial to extend your strategy and include potential supporters, donors and volunteers in it in order to grow your audience and grow your organization.

One of the main steps when “wrapping” your organization for further growth is visual branding. The sooner you create a strong and outstanding visual image of your NPO the sooner you will expand your possibilities and opportunities.

Orientation at audience

In order to complete your social and marketing objectives, it is important to always stay in touch with your audience and thus be there where it is. Include the list and the strategic plan for working with all available communicative platforms so that you could always inform your audience about the most important news about your NPO or project(s) as well as stay transparent with all your activities. 

Analytical approach 

The only way to track the efficiency of your planned activities is to constantly measure and analyze the implementation of your NPO brand strategy. You can quantify almost everything when dealing with digital marketing even in the non-profit sector. Start from Google Analytics and then learn and use even more analytical tools.  

How to understand that your nonprofit branding strategy is successful? 

Let’s point out the 4 most important features of a well-prepared branding strategy for an NPO. 

#01 Is it adaptable? 

Strategy is always flexible. You should be able to change and adapt it in order to make it more efficient. Sometimes you might need rebranding, for example. 

#02 Is it audience-oriented? 

Whatever you do you should always concentrate on your audience. It is the core of each activity you implement within your brand strategy. If there’s no strong connection between your NPO and its audience then your strategy needs reconsideration. 

#3 Is it analyzable? 

No matter how well you implement all planned activities. If you can not measure their performance you will not be able to really evaluate the efficiency of your strategy.

#04 Is it comprehensive?

A good brand strategy always covers all the channels your NPO uses. Each channel is a part of your non-profit brand and they should match each other.  

Take your time to develop a strong and comprehensive brand strategy for your non-profit organization and you will see how much more efficient and easier your work will become!