BioTech Sector Welcomes Senior Analyst David Rewcastle of Darien, CT

David Rewcastle is currently a Senior Analyst at an Independent Third Party Research and Analytics Company and an Instructor of Economics at the University of New Haven. Over the past five years, David has added the BioTech Sector to his area of analysis and discussions and moderated panels at industry conferences.

Biotechnology can help the fossil fuel industry by supporting the production of fossil fuels and upgrading fuels, as well as bioremediation of water, soil, and air and controlling microbiologically influenced corrosion.  

“I am intrigued by emerging biotechnology companies that can make a significant impact on our future,” Rewcastle stated. “Company analysis differs in the category of earnings, with many emerging biotech companies having zero or negative income, I stay focused on the facts.” 

Analysts are professionals who analyze a company and guide it in its improvement. They start by analyzing the business environment including its processes and systems. After completing their research, the analysts use data analysis tools as well as other techniques in order to improve the business’ products, processes, or services.

These technical experts are a great resource to learn the current financial state of a company. They can identify relevant problems and make recommendations for improvements. Companies can lower their business risk, increase business value, and find ways to reduce costs. They also provide insight into future earnings.

David Rewcastle has received numerous accolades for stock picking returns and earnings estimate accuracy. David won the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Best On The Street’ award for portfolio performance in the Oilfield Services Sector, a top-ranked stock picker for the Gas Utility Sector, and the #3 analyst/stockpicker in the US Gas Utility sector.

“The only way to make strategic investments is to know the current trend of a company’s earnings,” Rewcastle stated. “My goal is to provide as much information as possible by examining the current facts.”

Biotechnology is leading the charge in the development of innovative therapies to address many unmet medical needs. Biotechnology companies tend to focus on a limited number of compounds in a particular therapeutic area. This means that they lack the necessary resources, drug development expertise, or therapeutic expertise to bring new therapies to market. Biotechnology companies are often more comfortable with little to no positive earnings. 

Biotechnology companies need to be able to communicate effectively with VC firms as well as clinical research experts in order to demonstrate the value of their scientific discoveries. Biotechnology companies can benefit greatly from establishing relationships with VC firms through a CRO partnership.

The addition of David Rewcastle to the BioTech sector enables investors the ability to receive analysis from an established resource. His background includes experience as the Senior Research Analyst at RHK/Source Capital Group, an analyst at Divine Capital Markets, Capstone Investments, Argus Research, and September Group Research Partners; a sovereign risk & ratings associate analyst at Fitch Ratings/Thomson Bankwatch; and a field analyst at Schlumberger’s Seismic Exploration Group.

David Rewcastle of Darien, Connecticut, is an Equity and Fixed Income Analyst with a background in Finance, Economics, and Middle East Studies. To learn more about David Rewcastle, visit his official website.