Best Tips to Get Rid Of Rats and Mice

Mice do not only destroy the clothes but also lead to multiple health problems. Rats or mice can contaminate your food as well. And what about that strange smell they cause with their presence. Mice are known as natural chewers and are capable of chewing anything.

They also chew wires which could risk the life of the whole family as it can invite fire to your house. And the most important thing is one pair of mice can easily and soon turn into a full-blown infestation. In this article you will know the easiest ways of eliminating the pests from your house. Keep on reading!!!!!!!!!

Use a rat trap

It’s the most common and used tool to get rid of rats. Even use too is pretty simple. But before setting up trail for them do a bit of detective work. You need to find the entry point of the rat or mice. Put the trap over there. You also need to put a byte of food to attract the pest to the trap. This is the most effective way of getting rid of the pest.

Try out cloves

If you are someone who just want the pest to get out of your house without hurting them or killing them, then this formula is for you. The most in-toxic way for getting rats and mice out of your house is clove. You just need to take clove oil and put it in the rat hole and you are done.

Even you don’t have a clove oil what you need to do is take dried clove leaves, crush them well and further put them inside the rat hole. Since it’s an essential oil and is used due to its insecticidal, herbicidal, and fungicidal properties. As it is organic and essential oil which makes it best product for pest infestation.

Use garlic

If you are fed up with the unwanted guests at your place and want to shoo them away, then another effective measure you can use is garlic spray. Although there are ready-made sprays available in the market, if you want to use a DIY method, too is quite simple.  

Firstly, crush around 6-7 garlic cloves. Then add 5-6 drops of liquid detergents to it. Try to use organic liquid detergent which could easily break down in the soil. Afterwards, add one-quarter of the water. Mix all three products well and strain them using a muslin cloth. This will ease the whole wok as the nozzle of the bottle will not be choked with garlic particles.

Once the solution is prepared spray them in the affected area. Since it’s made at home without any preventative or chemical so it loses its effectiveness pretty soon. So to get effective results, spray it as soon as you make it.

Go for potatoes

Potatoes have the solution of not only your hunger rather they are used to get rid of rats and mice. Just sprinkle instant potato powder to all the places where they frequently appear.

When they will eat the power it swells their intestine. This will further lead to their death. One precaution that you need to take here is, keep children and pets away from the powder. It can lead to severe health conditions for them.

Cocoa Powder

If you have tried all methods possible, and nothing is really working out for eliminating pests from your house then this one is for you. Use cocoa powder and mix POP (plaster of Paris) in it. Cocoa powder dehydrates the rodents and suffocates them which ultimately kill them.

Apart from it you can also use baking soda and mix it with cocoa powder. It will also give you the expected results. Spread the mixes in all the areas where rats are destroying things and creating the mess.

Chilli Flakes

Chilli flakes are not used to add topping to your delicacies rather they can also be used to throw away mice and rats from your houses. But here simply spreading the flakes will not prove out to be effective for you.

Just grind pepper and chilli flakes with two cups of water. Now boil water in a container and add the mixture into it. Boil it for few minutes.Let the mixture for 24 hours. Afterward, strain the mixture by using cheese paper.

Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it over the affected area. This will surely give a burning sensation to the pest and will force them to go away from the house. This method too requires a bit of attention as you require keeping it out of reach of children and pets as it can be really dangerous for them.

Pest Control

Pets can be really irritating and if you are tired of doing all the DIYs then go for professional pest control. No one can treat it better than pest controllers.


These were some quick and easy tricks to get rid of rats and mice from your house. I hope this will be helpful for you.