Best Tips For Making MT In NBA 2K23

Hey guys, after NBA 2K23 released, lots of beginners of 2K series have more willing to try in this brand new version. But some of them may struggle in making MT in the game content, so today I’m going to show you guys how to make tons of NBA 2K MT coins fast and easy in NBA 2K23 My Team. 

Quick selling:

If we head on over to our Collection, this is going to be the first way to make MT, and probably one of the best ways. Scroll down to your Miscellaneous Collections, you can find a lot of stuffs like Badges, Floors, Arenas, etc. For example look at Historic Arenas, you can just quick sell all of these arenas and people probably didn’t realize how much value this stuff really does have. The reason why I don’t think people realize this because in past years, those stuff doesn’t quick sell for this much. You can find there’s just so much MT to be made by quick selling all this random stuff in your collection, so that’s definitely gonna be the first way to make a lot a lot of MT.


The second way it’s gonna be on the auction house, you guys might know something called sniping, I’m not going to show you all good sniping filters because it is not the point I want to mention today, the things I would like to introduce are some tips and how to sniping more.

For example you can open the Auction house, set the Team into Magic, and this is basically mean you are able to sniping for the Sapphire Paolo Banchero. If you guys don’t know, he’s one of the best cards in the game right now, and I think people don’t realize how expensive he really is even for his Sapphire version. So we can see for Sapphire he’s about 13,600. For sniping him, I would probably go down to about 12,000 MT, and anything you pick up for under 12,000 is definitely going to be a snipe. I’ve seen a bunch Paolos for like 10,000 or even 8,000 and some people even throw them up for even lower. If you guys used filter, you’re going to be able to snipe some really good Paolos and just make a decent amount of 2K23 MT. Generally speaking, the point is find the expensive card that people have not realized yet, and it is the best timing for your sniping.

NBA 2K23


The third way to get MT from certain game mode is grinding all these different modes. So for example in Unlimited, I would show you guys some of the rewards. The last reward I got was 25,000 MT which is obviously a lot just for grinding Unlimited, and if we scroll through another, there are much more rewards we can find, from unlimited alone you can probably make over 50,000 MT and actually a little bit more.

NBA 2K23

Meanwhile, you can also get Diamond Monty Williams and you can sell him. Most of time there’s only one or two on the auction house and he’s not even a buyout, I sold my Monty Williams for 95,000 MT and you guys can maybe even get a hundred thousand for this.

NBA 2K23

If we look at the other game modes like Clutch Time Online which is very decent, you’re going to earn some good rewards as you do rank up. I think a really good game mode is Domination, you can make a ton of MT from Domination. So guys, if you want more MT, just go and play a bunch of game modes, Unlimited is definitely the best one in my opinion for for making MT, other game modes like Clutch Time Online, Domination are really good as well.


The last MT making method I would like to show you guys is investing, like badges or coaches. I will explain this in more detail, basically what you guys want to do is find these good badges that are going for cheap. For example, bronze Quick First Step is only going around 1k or 1.5 k right now, I think this badge will go up in price over time, since people do need more badges when the first Qualifiers come around. It could probably go up to like 10k MT when the first Qualifiers started, so investing in badges is definitely going to be a great way to make MT. 

NBA 2K23

Investing in coaches is also a good way, some people were investing in Jason Kidd, I know a lot of people bought Jason Kidd for like 20k MT, and now he’s 52k. If you guys bought at the right time, you made tons of MT. So investing is going to be a great way.

More Ways:

Obviously those methods above would cost you a lot of energies and time. Thus is there any methods would let you get MT Coins as soon as possible? Actually we have, third-party game trading site. But the you have to consider somethings before you want to purchase. The security issues is the main aspect, I do not want you guys’ accounts be banned by EA, so make sure check the reviews from the customers. Secondly the delivery speed, it is easy to solve – just buy a small amount and see if they can deliver the order in the time frame. Finally never releasing your individual messages without trading, proper trade site would not ask you that. 

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