Best Slim Legs Workout

Many women fear strength exercises because they don’t want to bulk up. And their fear is valid. Recently, there are an increasing number of women suffering from some degree of PCOS, causing their bodies to produce excess testosterone. Many ignorant fitness trainers don’t take this into account and assume that women cannot bulk up. All women produce testosterone to one degree or another. A healthy woman produces a small amount of testosterone. But a growing number of women are producing too much testosterone.

There is a lot of evidence that women can indeed gain a great deal of muscle from strength training. If you search pictures of Crossfit women, you can see that many of them have more muscle mass than many men do. While having some muscle definition is nice. Too much muscle mass in the legs can make a woman appear masculine and bulky. 

Many fitness programs were not designed specifically for the goal of slim legs. Maintaining muscle mass requires extra calories. And for a lot of male bodybuilders, it takes a lot of work and extra calories to maintain their physiques. Again, everyone responds to exercise stimuli differently. Some people with inactive satellite cells have to work twice or 3x as hard to gain muscle mass compared to people with more active satellite cells. There is a lot of nuance when it comes to exercise prescription. A woman who wants slim legs should not follow the same program as a man who wants to body build.

For the best slim legs workout, a special strength training and toning protocol should be followed. Following a generic exercise program might make your legs big and bulky. It’s all about doing the RIGHT type of toning exercises for the legs that can actually result in that slim legs effect that many people want to achieve. Utilizing proper toning exercises can also reduce the appearance of cellulite and help you maintain slim legs much more easily than simply doing hours and hours of cardio.

If you are lost about how to slim down your legs, Lena Snow’s slim legs program might help. In addition to the best slim legs workout, the program includes diet modifications and a 12 week program designed to help you get the slim legs of your dreams.