Best Payment Gateway Accepting Bitcoin!

With the acceptance of bitcoin in many markets, people get curious and start searching for “how do I buy bitcoin” or start searching for a crypto payment process. Many people holding bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency currency want to take advantage of the fluctuating prices and increase their wealth by trading. However, many people still want to apply this technology to payments, decentralized finance DeFi and non-fungible tokens NFTs.These people want to give bitcoin the value of more than just an asset. They want to use bitcoin as an investment in the infrastructure, taking banks or credit cards out of the equation.

Simply speaking, People want to use their bitcoins as a currency to pay for their purchases. However, Bitcoin is still a relevantly new idea, but many businesses have started experimenting with this new alternative payment technology.

Mentioned below are some of the best bitcoin payment gateways on the market.

Coinbase Commerce

When people search for “how do I buy Bitcoin” one of the top suggestions they get is Coinbase. It is one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges that are available & serves as an exchange platform where cryptocurrencies of all types can be bought or sold. It also serves as one of the biggest cryptocurrency gateways that merchants use for sales. Read this Coinbase review to find out more about this exchange


One of the top places to get Bitcoin is Bitpay. It has been around for a long time & been dealing with crypto payments for over a decade, especially with bitcoin. It holds a pretty impressive list of customers that it deals with including, American Red Cross, TakeTwo Interactive, and Shopify. It is known to support retail payments as well as payouts and billings.Bitpay uses QR codes for retail payments and shields the business from the dangerous game of fluctuating rates by locking in the exchange rate at the time of sale. After that, it will combine your sales and deposit your balance in fiat or any other cryptocurrency. This payments system makes it possible to accept crypto payments but never to let go of the crypto you have from your hands.


When finding the best place to buy Bitcoin, many people don’t consider CoinGate a lot, when it holds significant value for the user. Coingate can integrate your sale process through a module or a plugin for select ecommerce platforms like Woocommerce and Magento or through CoinGate API. The invoices generated in CoinGate can be sent through links or emails, and the payout that is done can be converted into US dollars or Euros.


With the increase in the people wanting to know “how do I buy bitcoin”, there is also an extensive increase in people wanting to use it for transactions they make. One important name in the crypto payments space is NOWPayments. It is famous for its noncustodial and low fees and easily implemented gateway solutions. This gateway is one of the best places to buy bitcoin or trade it. It allows businesses to accept more than 100 cryptocurrencies, offering a convenient API and different ready-to-go plugins.NOWPayments offers its users a wide range of options, including fiat conversion, a PoS solution, and a mass payments feature. This gateway is also compatible with many eCommerce CMS platforms like WooCommerce and OpenCart.


Another great Payment gateway accepting Bitcoin is Blockonomics, also regarded as the most sophisticated cryptocurrency payment processor. This app allows you to access it and support the transactions without third-party authentication or extra API integration. It provides one of the most innovative and secured way to make payments. To pay with cryptocurrency, the users need to scan the QR code provided on the webpage. Apart from Bitcoin, it also deals with many other cryptocurrencies.


Another great payment gateway that accepts bitcoin is Spectrocoin. This gateway is relatively new and has recently climbed up the charts. The reason that made it rise on the chart is that it is a free wallet and allows instant exchange funds. Due to these two features of Spectrocoin, it has become one of the heavily used gateways in most developed economies. It also has a high compatibility level with popular eCommerce CMS platforms like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, etc. 

To make purchases in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, people can integrate spectrocoin APIs on their websites. Not only it has that, but quite to your surprise, this platform also offers bitcoin Debit cards.


Another Great Payment Gateway that accepts bitcoin is Coinbank. It can also be taken as one of the best crypto Payment Gateway as it is an all-in-one blockchain payment gateway. You can synchronize it with your debit card with only a few clicks. Coinbank has instant Deposit, and withdrawal features and the debit card that it offers is accessible around the globe.


People who are just starting with Bitcoin trading are always curious and are searching “how do I buy Bitcoin”, & “the best place to buy bitcoin”, etc. There are many queries in a beginner’s mind that is why a list of the best payment gateways that accept Bitcoin payment, was shared here. These payment gateways serve many benefits and are helping in making cryptocurrency widely accepted. Choose the gateway that suits best for your crypto currency trading needs.