A while ago, Indians traveling to the US always visited their homeland just for a reason, I.e., to shop. Their whole dress collection includes amazing sarees and lehngas, amongst others. Well, we live in a more developed world with Indian retail stores located around every nook and cranny, almost everywhere in the world. The most amazing fact is that trading from these stores has become easier than convenient with online shopping centers. 

So, to assist your search for Indian dresses, we’re glad to present RAAS, the global desi store, to you. It’s an online store where you’ll get an extensive range of Indian outfits for women. Our store moves in sync with modernization, as you get Indian clothes fused with modern designs. Note that all our designs reflect the vibrant Indian culture with a touch of modernization. 

Unlike most fashion brands, we strongly believe in protecting the best Indian designs via introducing ethnic lehengas, saree, and suits, amongst others. With the wide variety of clothing available on our platform, a customer is assured of 100% authentic Indian clothing with great quality. We are professional designers keen to sew women’s desires and make them a complete reality. Being an Indian resident, we had opportunities of finding most Indian wear stores on the street. But for those staying in the US, you won’t have many options for buying Indian clothes. 

Also, few choices are made available since shipping also has its cost. Currently, the resident of the US can let go of their worries as RAAS, the global desi, present an online platform store in the US market. In this store, we offer a wide variety of Indian designs to US residents to make a good selection of their preferred clothing. Once you check out our online store, I bet you there’ll be no need to look elsewhere for any Indian design as we imply vibrant and English colors on our outfits. Our Indian dresses, sarees, gowns, etc., are pretty trendy, affordable, and made from high-quality fabric. 


Aside from the affordability and designs of the product, there are other factors you should consider before purchasing clothing from an Indian brand. At RAAS, the global desi store designs are always top-notch, and other factors include

We Use High-Quality Materials

A notable aspect of clothing shopping is high-quality fabric material. An outfit might be available in several designs but must also be made available in different fabric materials to fit the brand is moving in sync with the customer’s designs. 

We Provide a Wide Variety of Designs in Indian Wear

When looking at the designs and outfit pieces, RAAS, the global desi store, is an amazing place that provides the latest yet best designs of Indian wear. Indian saree, suits, Kura, tops, lehenga, and many other dresses are available to satisfy customers’ preferences. These Indian outfits have got a little touch of modernization but still keep the Indian culture. 

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