Best Online Cybersecurity Certificate and Degree Programs of 2022 

With the rapid advances and increasing dependence on digital technology in recent years, securing data has become essential. The number of data breaches and hacking incidents has become astronomically high across the globe, and there are no indications that the pace is slowing. The monetary loss from a cyberattack can amount to millions for a single target. Because technology is now woven into almost every aspect of our lives, the need for skilled professionals to protect sensitive information and keep cyberattacks at bay has grown exponentially. 

The timing is right to pursue a career in the burgeoning cybersecurity field. Organizations of all types are seeking skilled professionals to safeguard their data and devise mitigation strategies to address vulnerabilities.  A formal cybersecurity program offers the best way to gain the required skills and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic and fast-paced industry. 

Enrolling in a cybersecurity programs is the ideal way to set out on your career path. It provides a structured way to gain technical knowledge along with professional and managerial skills. Each course prepares the aspirant for a specific task; in combination, courses can lead to specialized certifications, as well as comprehensive or advanced degrees. If you are already clear about your interests, you can choose a program that aligns with your targeted goal. If you are not yet sure, you can start with coursework in the fundamentals and explore a wealth of possibilities. 

Following are some of the most sought-after courses to bolster your skills and broaden your knowledge about the cybersecurity field. 

There are many educational offerings in the cybersecurity industry today, but all hinge on giving students an in-depth understanding of complex protocols to keep cybercriminals at bay. The right certification for you is one that sparks your personal interest while fulfilling the needs of prospective employers. Formal hands-on learning is an efficient way to explore options and refine your career goals. It helps students develop marketable skills to gain an edge against the competition. The right credential for you can help you rise through the ranks faster and ultimately qualify for a better salary. 

Certified Ethical Hacker 

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program focuses on teaching students to “think like a hacker,” mastering the techniques attackers use to infiltrate network systems and access digital assets. This certification program, offered by EC-Council, equips students with the tools needed to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and to fortify an organization’s security architecture. Students learn how to maintain a hackproof IT environment. 

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator    

EC-Council’s Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) program teaches students how to use the forensic investigation techniques and tools necessary to investigate cybercrimes. Its detailed approach to evidence analysis helps students trace and identify intrusion sources. With cyberattacks dominating the headlines each day, the need for digital forensics experts is accelerating, and this specialty offers aspiring cybersecurity professionals a lucrative career option.  

Licensed Penetration Tester (Master)  

The Licensed Penetration Tester Master | LPT (Master), another certification program offered by EC-Council, prepares cybersecurity experts for the challenging environment of real-world penetration testing. You will emerge as a well-versed expert in innovative pen-testing tools, techniques, and methodologies, including multi-level pivoting, OS vulnerability exploits, SSH tunneling, host-based application exploits, privilege escalation, arbitrary local and remote file upload, SQL injection, and parameter manipulation. 

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security  

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security (BSCS) program at EC-Council University helps students master foundational cybersecurity knowledge and equips them with the skills necessary to plan and execute the security measures necessary to protect an organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. Students gain expertise in network defense, leadership, and development of secure processes. The program helps participants hone their problem-solving and management skills. The BSCS is based on a well-structured curriculum that illuminates the theoretical components of the subject with hands-on practice.  

Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS)  

A Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS) degree from EC-Council University not only deepens the student’s knowledge and skills but also serves as an impressive addition to a cybersecurity professional’s resume. Its focus is on preparing participants to take on leadership and managerial roles. Students develop expertise in IT security threat assessment, incident response, and organizational management, among other topics. 

If you are looking for an online cybersecurity program that emphasizes both theoretical concepts and practical skills development, EC-Council and EC-Council University may be right for you. They offer the programs highlighted here—and many more. All course offerings are affordably priced and designed with the flexibility that makes e-learning an effective path for entering the cybersecurity field and for advancing an existing career. 

Benefits of Joining EC-Council or Enrolling in EC-Council University  

All EC-Council and EC-Council University programs consist of a thoughtfully designed blend of management and practical technology. All coursework aids students in developing the critical thinking skills needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. In addition to well-structured curricula mapped to industry standards, these programs accommodate a variety of life circumstances with the flexibility inherent in the e-learning model. Further, EC-Council University’s iLabs enables hands-on learning, familiarizing students with real-world scenarios and providing training in the tools needed to address a broad spectrum of cybersecurity situations. Students learn to identify threats and protect digital assets against malicious actors, with the potential to become valuable assets to organizations.

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