Best Kids Dentist Near You for Kids Dental Care

There is a lot of concern among the parents about their child’s healthcare. Certainly, it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of the child’s health and ensure that they grow up properly. Although many parents are more particular about their kid’s general health, it is observed that some parents are not much serious about their child’s dental health. It causes several dental health-related problems in their children. At this point, the parents find it difficult to find a near by dental clinic for their child. It is very important to have a proper Pediatric dentist to handle their kid’s dental health issues. Also, distinctive oral health is important to get better oral health for any child.

Who is a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are specialized in looking after the dental health of the kids. They have a deep understanding of the kid’s teeth and overall dental health. They will provide the proper treatment and suggestions to keep the child’s dental healthy.

When must the kid first visit the dentist?

One of the common questions that most parents have is: when should I first visit the dentist for the kid? Mostly, people think that they must visit the dentist only when their kid experiences any dental problem. Generally, it is ideal to have a dentist visit after 4 months when the first tooth erupts in your child. The pediatric dentist will examine the tooth eruption properly whether they are erupting properly. They have specialized dental instruments that can do proper checking of the child’s dental health.

Why checking of child’s dental health important?

Generally, the teeth in the child start erupting from the age of 6 months old. These teeth are known as milk teeth or temporary teeth which eventually fall after a few years. A pediatric dentist has a specialization in handling the child’s dental health which can enable them to handle their dental health-related aspects easily.

Some of the treatment offered by the pediatric dentist is:

  • They can do a proper fluoride treatment to protect the kid’s dental health.
  • Examining the child’s oral health properly with specialized dental instruments.
  • Understanding the main cause of specific dental problems
  • Proper approach for correcting the misaligned and crooked teeth.
  • Treating the tooth cavities
  • Handling any kind of dental injuries properly.

What are the treatment options for the kids?

1. Tooth removal

When the milk tooth of your child gets decayed, it is better to remove it soon. A Pediatric dentist has the skills and knowledge of properly removing the kid’s tooth. They can handle the complex tooth removal process more cautiously to ensure better tooth removal.

2. Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is rarely done among children, as in most cases the infected tooth needs to be removed. However, in case of injury, deep decay, or any other problem, root canal treatment is done also among the kids. The pediatric dentist will have the correct approach to do a proper root canal treatment for your child.

3. Fluoride application

A pediatric dentist will do a proper fluoride application for your child’s teeth. Fluoride treatment helps the teeth to prevent plaque development and tooth decay.

4. Guidance for keeping oral hygiene

A different approach is needed for keeping proper oral hygiene of your child. A pediatric dentist in Mumbai is experienced in handling children dentistry, can give a better guide for the children.

When can a child start brushing?

It is very important to start brushing sooner after the eruption of the child’s teeth. Ideally, it will be better when the brushing of the child’s dental health is started 4-5 months after the eruption of the first tooth.

Why is it important to maintain child’s dental health?

Although some people give less importance to the child’s dental health as they are temporary teeth. They are still very important to ensure better oral health for a longer duration.

Here are some reasons for taking care of the milk teeth:

  • They help in developing the speech patterns and other training in a child.
  • They help in doing primary activities like chewing, biting, and food grinding.
  • Milk teeth are the basis of the development of the jaw muscles and jaw bone.
  • They provide the basic foundation for the eruptions and shape of the permanent teeth.

Understanding the importance of the oral health of your child, it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their child’s dental health. Visiting the pediatric dentist earlier can help to maintain a proper child’s dental health.