Best island to have a holiday in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is today one of the most beloved holiday destinations in the United States, and for a good reason, they are absolutely gorgeous.

The archipelago includes 1,700 islands, of which only a few are inhabited.

The most famous island is surely Key West, however, there are other options where you could spend your vacation

In this article, you will find a description of the 5 major destinations: Key West, Key Largo, Marathon, Islamorada and Big Pine Key.

For more information, you can find a great, but short video on the Visit Florida website. Alternatively, you can read this extensive article on the best places and areas to stay in the Florida Keys, including maps as well.

But let’s start from the most famous destination, right at the end of the archipelago

Key West 

Key West is the most famous of the destinations in the Florida Keys, and for a good reason, it has the lot.

It is a good size island, right at the end of the archipelago, with a charming historical center.

It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the keys and plenty of activities, from snorkeling in the turquoise water to Stand-Up paddling at sunset time.

It also offers the widest variety of accommodations, from luxury and boutique, to serviced apartments and hostels.

This guide to the best areas of Key West will help you in understanding what neighborhood works best for your type of trip.

Key Largo 

Key Largo is the northernmost island when you will drive through the Florida Keys. 

One of the must have experiences here is the swim with the dolphins at the Dolphins Plus Bayside.

It is coordinated and conducted safely for both the people and the animals too.

Key Largo is the place to be for Scuba Diving. From here you will get to explore famous wrecks such as the Spiegel Grove, Benwood and USCG Bibb.


Marathon is a tiny archipelago itself made of a few small islands, very popular for a family vacation.

Kids love this area of the Florida Keys for the many organized activities, like the popular Keys Cable Park where everyone can have a ton of fun either trying or mastering wake boarding.

At the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, kids can have a recreational dive and get up close and personal with sea life at the touch tanks.

Looking for a playground? Head to the Community Park where popular events are also organized


Located between Key Largo and Marathon, Islamorada is another happening area of the Florida Keys with a handful of Caribbean beaches that will not disappoint you.

This is where you will be able to visit the Keys History & Discovery Center, an interesting museum to understand more about the present and the past of this archipelago of the state of Florida.

A documentary is also projected regularly with interviews to the hurricane survivors.

For a nice walk, head to the Green Turtle Hammock Nature Preserve.

And for a lovely dinner based on fresh seafood, book a table at the Green Turtle Inn

Big Pine Key

Big Pine Key is the most relaxed and chilled out of all the areas mentioned in this article.

Sure, there are other islands where the main road does not even go through, but it would be very challenging to find accommodation there, if not impossible.

Big Pine Key has not any major activity going on, but it has a few lovely beaches where you can lie down and share it with just a bunch of people.

This is the key where you will totally forget about the busy life back at home.