Best eCommerce Shipping Solution Providers in India

eCommerce is one of the fastest emerging industries across the globe, which is by and large supported by logistics and shipping services. In order to transport commodities from one location to another via a coordinated supply chain, eCommerce companies depend on third-party logistics providers(3PL) and shipping aggregators, who are professionals providing end-to-end logistics solutions with timely deliveries and real-time tracking.

As the eCommerce industry continues to penetrate the global marketplace, the role of shipping companies in reaching even the most remote locations to deliver goods and services becomes crucial.  

The Indian eCommerce logistics market will grow at a CAGR of 18.8% from 2020 to 2027, increasing from US$ 2.93 billion in 2019 to US$ 11.48 billion by 2027, according to a study by titled “Indian eCommerce logistics market forecast to 2027”.

So if you are in the eCommerce business, this blog is worth your time in learning several aspects of shipping solution providers and some of the leading eCommerce shipping companies to choose for your business.

What is The Shipping Procedure For an eCommerce Business?

When they have things that need to be transported or stored, small enterprises follow a straightforward logistical approach.

The typical process begins with a customer placing an order for a product on your online store, and then inventory software initiates the transaction. For the logistical process to run smoothly, it is becoming more and more crucial to have integrated inventory management software installed on your eCommerce site.

The following steps are frequently included in logistics in online businesses:

1. Inventory control

Inventory management requires keeping a track of stored products using the right procedures. This process makes it simpler for your online company to keep track of stock levels. Additionally, you get to foretell the goods that will sell better than the rest.

Businesses may ensure that they don’t unexpectedly run out of commodities by using inventory management. You can forecast how your products will sell shortly using consumer purchasing trends.

2. Warehousing

Warehousing is a logistics process that deals with the actual facilities that companies employ to store, control, and monitor goods before they are delivered to customers.

Huge advancements have been made in the warehousing industry over time. The majority of these developments simplify the usage of warehousing management systems for inventory tracking by eCommerce firms.

3. Fulfilling orders

This process, which is the most important component of both logistics and eCommerce, makes sure that customers receive their products on time and undamaged. You can invest in an integrated order fulfilment service for your company, or you can outsource this service to a third party. Which path to follow will depend on the location of the clients, the size of the business, and the size of the order.

Qualities Of Competent Shipping Companies

Let’s look at a few qualities to watch for in a shipping service provider that contribute to their success:

1. Effective Communication: Successful logistics businesses stress the value of communication in fostering fruitful customer relationships. They pay attention to their consumers’ demands when providing services.

2. Flexibility: Top-notch logistics providers will offer a customised strategy based on specific client requirements. Along with the changing business climate, they would be prepared to grow and adapt.

3. Technology: Good logistics firms have a technological advantage over their rivals. Through their advanced technologies, they can automate procedures, monitor outcomes, detect problems, and offer efficient and effective order management. These companies are also adaptable to using the most recent technology to guarantee first-rate services.

4. Prices: The top logistics businesses don’t offer packages with fixed prices. Instead, they provide different charges based on the changing demands of the client.

5. Human Resources: A company’s capacity is often reflected in its workforce base. Long-term benefits come from service providers with specialised staff bases to meet your needs. A skilled and dedicated staff ensures that all legal requirements are met on schedule.

Some of The Best eCommerce Shipping Solution Providers in India

In India, there are a lot of shipping eCommerce businesses. However, not all of them are capable of efficiently handling eCommerce shipments. Here is the list of the best Indian eCommerce companies’ shipping partners.

  1. NimbusPost

As a shipping aggregator software platform, NimbusPost was established in 2018 to assist MSMEs and major corporations in streamlining their end-to-end logistics operations through shipping (domestic and cross-border), warehousing, and fulfilment solutions. Features of the NimbusPost dashboard include an automated order verification system, an automated non-delivery report, live shipment tracking, order booking, post-purchase shipping alerts, and performance tracking.

NimbusPost also offers international courier services across 196+ countries around the globe. Further, the company has recently entered the Southeast Asian and European regions by launching its business in Indonesia and the UK.

  1. Aramex India Pvt.Ltd

Aramex India was established in 1966  in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers both domestic call services and courier services abroad. In India, it is known for offering the quickest courier service. For eCommerce businesses, the company provides a variety of services at fair costs and of excellent quality and all of the country’s biggest cities are home to its warehouse.

  1. DHL 

DHL is another international delivery partner, which is undoubtedly among India’s top logistics firms. The company was founded in California, USA, about 52 years ago. For eCommerce companies that need to send big volumes of goods every day, DHL offers special discounts.

There are four options for freight delivery: rail freight, road freight, sea freight, and air freight. The company also provides warehousing solutions for eCommerce enterprises that do not have warehouse facilities. This company links 220 nations and offers hassle-free and speedy delivery services.

  1. Blue Dart Express Ltd.

Blue Dart has access to the largest and most complete express and logistics network in the world, with coverage of over 220 countries and territories, as part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group’s DHL eCommerce Solutions division. Blue Dart provides a full range of distribution services, including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, customs clearance, etc. Blue Dart has received the prestigious “Laureate Medal” for being among the top 100 companies to appear on “India’s Best Companies to Work For” for ten years.

  1. DTDC 

One of the first shipping companies in India, DTDC (Desk To Desk Courier and Cargo), has established itself across the entire nation. The company, which was founded in 1990 and is based in Bangalore, oversees 12 million shipments each month and distributes to more than 10,500 postcodes. The company not only offers nationwide delivery but also international courier service in about 240 countries.

  1. Shadowfax

One of India’s leading logistics companies, Shadowfax, delivers to more than 7000 pin codes and 500+ cities. This company, which won the 2019 Disruptive Startup Logistics of the Year award, provides affordable prices for both small and large eCommerce businesses. For eCommerce brands, Shadowfax provides integrated third-party logistics services. The company provides delivery services to big-box retailers, neighbourhood shops, and small companies.

  1. Shiprocket

The fact that Shiprocket integrates 17+ courier providers onto its platform sets it apart from other logistics companies. This company offers automatic tracking features in addition to delivering more than 27000 pin codes around the nation. From their portal, you can select from courier companies like FedEx, BlueDart, Ecom Express, DHL, and Delhivery, based on your preference.


Shipping solution providers and shipping aggregators will become even more significant in the eCommerce sector shortly. There will be a steep rise in demand for effective and economical delivery options as online shopping becomes more and more popular.

Businesses can opt for cost-effective supply chain management by picking the best shipping partners, who can enhance their customer base by providing services in the most remote locations, via their extensive delivery network.