Best Dutch Blogs About Interior Design and Arts

Europe has always been known for its marvellous architecture, world-famous paintings, sculptures, and many artistic works. One of the countries from the continent, the Netherlands, has preserved ancient artistic heritage and advanced and evolved new art forms. To inform all about all these, some websites and blogs have emerged. So, let’s know the best blogs about interior design and arts in the Netherlands.

Life Of An Artist

One of the trendiest and most loved blogs in the Netherlands is Life Of An Artist, which provides various topics under a single umbrella. For example, you can witness an art and design section that offers the decore idea to make your working or living places more relatable and attractive.

Besides, the blog also offers articles and blog posts on some art forms such as music and writing. People can know the life of artists and influencers and how they survive serving with their artistic works. As the blog is in Dutch, natives of the Netherlands greatly enjoy reading


Frame is more than a blog; it’s a magazine. Established in 1997, the magazine is one of the world’s leading interior design publications. The magazine is printed in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Korean and Turkish and sold out in more than 77 countries worldwide.

On the digital platform (blog), people can read several articles and blog posts related to interior designing applied in multiple fields. The blog isn’t going to lack the content of variety on furniture, lighting, sanitary, finishes, and accessories.

Besides, the interior designing passionates can witness valuable articles to know how some particular interior work best such as retail, hospitality, work, institutions, living and shows. Fame magazine also publishes the world’s most inspiring interiors in 6 issues per year.

More Than Classic

Those who are fascinated by antique objects or want some classic appearance in their house need to read this magazine. But, a More Than Classic is available in the Dutch language, so natives of the Netherlands mostly prefer it.

The magazine offers pages and posts on beautiful modern-classic interiors, tasteful antiques, and inspiring travel reports. Besides, it keeps you updated on auction news and the best shopping addresses. People also get inspiration from the latest interviews with leading decorators and interior designers.


Another native magazine in the Netherlands about interior design is Residence. The provided magazine offers a comprehensive glimpse of interior ideas about attractive structures and places. In fact, Residence is the hub of decorators. It provides articles and photographs on the most beautiful interiors, designers, art, hotspots in interior design, which are inspirational and informational.

Though the magazine has a centrally focus on Interior designing topics, it also includes more niches such as arts and travel. The readers can witness these all ideas on the digital platform, on the blog. In addition, the natives of the Netherlands can enjoy the available subject in their native language.



By her own name, Sophie Ploeg has started a blog that preserves some great articles and posts about painting and other art forms. In addition, she runs her own painting school and offers excellent ideas and lessons.

Besides, Sophie is also interested in history, so she has indulged some historical notes and explanations on art history. She also has a category of lace blog where she has collected some excellent laces samples and their design with history. The blog will be no less a treasure hunt for those who love art especially painting.

So, which blog are you going to read first? Let us know in the comment section. Also, mention some other interior design and art blogs if your favorite one is missed here in this list.