Best cities for single women to buy a home

It goes without saying that the real estate market is always changing. Trends vary from renting to buying, from condos to family homes, from urban to rural, from expensive to cheap, etc. However, one trend that has definitely changed over the past couple of years is the rise of single women’s homeownership. This is because, over that period of time, women have gained social independence and financial autonomy more than ever before. 

So, today, we will examine what are the best cities for single women to buy a home. We will take into consideration not only the job opportunities, the standard of living, and the home prices but also the factors such as safety, community, and socialization options. Thus, if you are a single lady looking for a forever home, you should continue reading. 

Tallahassee, Florida

The first on our list of the best cities for single women to buy a home is Tallahassee, a city in Florida. Here, you can buy a home for a relatively cheap price! For instance, you can buy a condo downtown or a bigger family home in the suburbs for approximately $178,308. Moreover, besides the low housing costs, all other expenses here are below the national average. Things like bills, groceries, shopping, entertaining, etc., all come with cheaper price tags! However, that does not mean that your salary is going to be lower, no. An average annual salary is around $45,340! 

But, the thing that will encourage you, a single woman, to start looking for reliable movers that will help you move to Tallahassee right now, is the fact that 64% of this city’s residents are single, young people. That is, here, you will be surrounded by people like yourself. And, you will not experience a lack of entertainment options either – the city is full of restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, and other socializing hotspots! 

Washington, D.C. 

The next on our list is Washington, D.C., the US capital. This is a perfect place for all those women looking for ways to climb their career ladders especially those ladders associated with government and politics. However, D.C. is not just a ‘career’ city. It is a city full of culture and history! Wherever you go, you will be surrounded by museums, galleries, and restaurants that take their brunches and their dress codes seriously. 

Since a lot of women have enrolled in politics over the past couple of years, there is a significant rise in women’s homeownership here. Yes, the prices of homes are high, but so are the salaries! Thus, do not worry, you will be able to settle hassle-free in your new DC neighborhood without breaking the bank. Just make sure you have a job waiting for you before you move here! Living in the capital, without a well-paying job can be hard! 

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, a city in the state of Colorado, is not only ranked as a great place for single women to call home, but also a great place for pretty much everybody to call home. We can see that by the continuously rising number of immigrants. They are moving to their new address in Boulder because it offers them a chance for a better lifestyle, a higher salary, and the possibility to buy a home for a cheaper price.

However, what makes Boulder a great place for single women to buy a home is the fact more than 50% of the city’s residents are still unmarried. So, whether you are looking for a partner or just a friend, you will certainly find him/her here. And, once you do find somebody, you will be able to enjoy all the amazing things this city has to offer – skiing in the winters, surfing in the summers, partying and picnicking all year long. Boulder is a city that will force to go outside, get a hobby, and socialize with other residents. 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Another city you should definitely take into consideration if you are a single woman looking for a home is Charlotte. This city in North Carolina has a lot of things to offer when it comes to women – safety, affordability, friendliness, and plenty of entertainment options. 

The best part about Charlotte is that it has a wide variety of housing options too! There is something for everybody’s needs and preferences. The prices of homes and the cost of living are both below the national average, so do not worry about breaking your bank. Just make sure you find the right movers and follow the predetermined schedule made by them, and you will have no trouble moving in. What is more, as people are soo friendly here, be sure that all your neighbors will offer you a hand with all your moving boxes and bulky furniture. 

Austin, Texas

Last but certainly not the least city for single women to buy a home is Austin, Texas. This is another city full of expats! Most of them came looking for a better job and a higher salary – and they found it! It is true, Austin is a city whose economy keeps on thriving. Because of that, it attracts young professionals from all over the world. Many of those professionals are actually women under the age of 40 and women who are tech-savvy. Thus, if you belong to one of those two groups, better start looking for some helpful moving tips soon – the homes here are selling fast!

Speaking of homes, Austin also offers the ability to buy a home for a relatively cheap price. For instance, a median home price is around $313,308. Of course, the prices vary depending on many factors such as location, square footage, condition of the property, etc. You may think that this is not cheap, but it is when compared to other tech communities like New York or San Francisco, for instance.