Benefits Of Whipped Body Butter

Many of us loves winter season, it brings alot of pleasure and excitement. Though, it comes with some disadvantages. The most prominent one is it makes your skin dry and flaky. Even if the person has oily skin in general, winter season makes it extremely dry. Dryness makes your skin itchy which leads to rash. Therefore, you need to take extra care of your skin. Fortunately, blessings like body butter is always there to help people beat dryness in winter season. Moreover, not only in the winter season, body butter saves you from  the dryness you get during pregnancy. Besides, there are many more benefits of using body butter. There are many brands available in the market. However, it is tough to choose the best from them. To make the searching process a little bit easier, you can visit bitchinbutterwebsite for more information.

Now, let us tell you the advantages you get from using whipped body butter.

What Is Body Butter?

Firstly, let us tell you what body butter is. Body butter is a thick dense cream that has all the needed nutrition that your skin needs. Also, it makes your skin dewy, hydrated, and fresh without giving it the greasy look. There are different types of body butter. For instance:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Shea butter
  • Coconut butter
  • Mango butter
  • Almond butter
  • Kokum butter
  • Olive butter
  • Avocado butter
  • Macadamia butter

Benefits Of Using Body Butter

Follwowing are the splendid benefits of using body butter.

All Over Body Moisturiser

The best thing about body is you can use it all over you body. Body butter will make your skin hydrated and fresh. The best time to apply body butter is after bath. The prime reason for ths is bathing makes your skin dry, therefore, it is the best time to apply body butter. Though, you should not apply too must of the cream because it can make your skin oily or greasy. You need to take a small amount of cream and massage it lightly on your body.

Freshen Up Your Hair

You can also use this butter cream on your hair. If you hair is going through some bad phase or dryness. Just take a little amount of butter cream on your palm and rub it until it melts. After melting it, massage it on your hair. Doing this will make your hair smoother and silkier. Moreover, it will give a good fragnance to your hair.

A Good Makeup Remover

You do not need to use any chemicalized makeup remover anymore if your are aware of the body butter. Body butter works best when it comes to removing make up. Also, it is beneficial for your skin as it contain many essential nutrients needed for your skin. You only need to apply a little amount of cream on moist cotton pad and apply it to your skin  and remove make up. Plus, it can also remove water proof mascara easily. Though, you must be very careful while applying it, it should not get into your eyes.

Perfect For Dry Patches

All of us has some sort of dry patches on our body. The main spot of these dry patches are, elbow, knees, or heels. The best thing you can do to make your dry patches better is to apply body butter frequently on these areas. You can keep a small pot of it in your bag, you workplace, or wherever you go. Apply everytime you wash those areas or you can apply a second layer on it to make it heal quickly. Buddy butter cream works amazing on dry patches.

Soothing Hand Cream

Hands are the part of the body we use the most. Therefore, it gets dirty after sometime. Hence, you need to wash it plenty of times daily. Wash hands again and again makesit dry and rough. Body butter works amazingly as a hand cream, ifyou apply it after every wash, it can smoothen your hand and leave a beautiful texture. Moreover, it also leaves pleasant fragrance on your hands.

Cuticle Saver

You must think that you need some costly creams or treatments to take care of your cuticles. Though, this is not true, you can take a good care of your cuticle by simply applying body butter on your cuticles. Take a small amount if cream and apply it on your cuticle and massage it lightly. This will make your cuticle fresh and hydrated with the beautiful scents of your butter cream.

Reduces Stretch Marks And Scars

Many of us are stressed because of the unnecessary stretch marks or scars on our body. Well, you do not need to be anymore. The reason for this is, you can use body butter on your marks to make it better. The ingredients in the body butter has the nutritious vitamin and fatty acids that can mourish your skin and also gives it healthy complexion.

Combat Skin Problems

Body butter cream is good for problematic skin. For instance, if you are facing eczema, psoriasis, or anyother skin problem. The nutrients and vitamins helps in soothing disturbed skin. Though, not all butter creams are best for this purpose, let us tell you the ones best for this treatment. Shea, Kokum, and Cocoa butter are the best for problematic skin.

Anti-Aging Affect

If you want to have the best anti-aging cream, then nothing can beat body butter creams. The anti-oxidents in these creams improves the production of cell collagen. This helps in fading wrinkles from your skin and make it supple and youthful.


Apart from the benefits we mentioned above, there are plenty of other benefits of body butter cream. For instance, it make your lips smooth and hydrated, works as a sun screen, makes your skins supple, it helps in clogging pores on your skin, and alot more. Though, you need to find good brands of body butter. The prime reason for this good brands make quality products. Moreover, body cream has variety of creams, you van select as per your choice.