Becoming a Fusion Hair Extension Technician: Tools & Supplies You Will Need Body

If you are just beginning your way in the sphere of hair extensions, you have to purchase hair extension tools and receive all the necessary training, after which you can be considered an accredited specialist.

Read our article to know about what steps to take and where to order quality tools and consumables.

Becoming a Fusion Hair Extension Technician

How to Become a Fusion Hair Extension Technician?

If you are going to master hair extensions, then you are on the right path! Working in the beauty industry is a profitable business, as such services are now at the peak of popularity.

Of course, it requires some effort:

  1. Decide on the technique you want to work in. One of the most popular is fusion hair extensions, when extended strands are attached to natural hair using keratin bonds. Of course, this is not the only extension technique, there is also sew ins technique (ready-made weft is attached around the head with a thin braid), tape ins (locks are fixed with tapes), etc. But for the start we recommend mastering one technique and practicing it, and only after getting some experience learn other methods.
  2. Choose the right hair extension school for you, which teaches all the features of k tip extensions. As a rule, a training program should include safety technique, color selection, structuring of strands and combing, installation and removal of strands, reapplication (re-bonding), etc. A program typically consists of a theoretical part and practicing the skills gained on the models.
  3. Passing the exam and getting a certificate that enables you to work in this field. Now you are ready to serve your first customers!

What Equipment Do You Need for Fusion Hair Extensions?

What any Fusion Hair Extension Technician couldn’t work without? Without hair extension tools! 

Since we are talking about k tip extensions, let’s dwell on what items are essential for any hair tech:

  • Keratin glue

This is the material used for bond formation. You can work with both Italian and gel keratin.

Italian keratin comes in only 3 colors: transparent, black, and brown. Gel is presented in a wider palette of shades, which allows you to create bonds indistinguishable from the color of your customers’ hair.

  • Iron connector for Italian or gel keratin

This is the tool you need to fix keratin glue pellets! Also this iron is used for re-bonding procedure.

Not all iron connectors are equally good. We recommend that you choose lightweight tools, so your hands will be less tired in the process. And this is really important, considering that fusions take 3-4 hours!

Also, the iron you choose should be equipped with a temperature regulator, so you can use it with both Italian (180-200 C) and gel keratin (200-220 C).

  • Heat Protector Shields with a scale mark

These small shields guarantee that the extension procedure is safe and comfortable.

As you already know, keratin bond extensions involve working with high temperatures. These shields are designed to protect the scalp from overheating or burns.

The shields are made of transparent plastic, so you will see clearly the area where you are working now.

In addition, shields usually have a scale that makes it easier for you to divide the strands evenly.

  • Hair extension removing/ bond forming pliers

This tool should be light, durable, and wear-resistant. 

It is made of stainless steel – a material that will last for many procedures of hair extension removal.

If you need bond forming pliers, look at U-shaped products. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, such pliers make it easy to create bonds of any size: from standard to micro- or even nano-bonds.

  • Keratin Bond Remover

This liquid is needed for safe and fast keratin bond removal. Apply the solution to the bonds, and gently remove the extended strands with pliers.

Besides the tools, you will also need hair bundles. We recommend you choose them based on the type of clients’ hair:

  1. For thin undyed soft strands, Slavic Hair is the best option.
  2. For slightly denser colored hair choose Russian (Dyed) Hair.
  3. For the thickest curls, as well as for clients wishing for the maximum length, it is better to choose European Hair.

Do you know where to buy quality hair extension tools?

Visit the online store of the popular brand I Love Slavic Hair. On the website of this company you will find a great range of effective tools, as well as safe consumables.

I Love Slavic Hair is ready to help you choose the best tools for fusions!

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