Beauty Kart, A Beauty Destination That Filled The Gap Of Beauty And Authenticity In India

Counterfeits are likely to be seen in almost all the fields and it is especially seen in cosmetics and beauty fields. Several items are designed with the same name, logo, and so on to attract the buyers and it will end up negatively. Even high quality and top brands are available in the local market away from the showroom and those are said to be counterfeits and the practice is common here in India.

To attract the customers in selling the desired beauty products, local manufacturers tend to prepare the product that meets the original depiction, and packs will also resemble the original only relaxation you can see is a reduction in actual price. Speaking of authenticity, Beauty Kart Products are purely original as they attained retail license from the beauty brands. A consumer is to stay careful in identifying the duplicate ones and below advice is given to avoid the same before buying the product. “ Beauty kart is to transcend beauty audience beyond localities. It is very disheartening to see the beauty products are not approachable to everyone in the country. Our goal is to provide beauty and personal care knowledge that can empower millions out there”. Said Santhoshi reddy, CEO of Beautykart in an interview with our correspondent.


Here’s how you can get your hands on the legit beauty products :

Get to know the exact Brand Name – Whoever the seller is whether it is a retailing sale or wholesale option, check the name and stick to the brand that suits your skin and body type. Make sure you are buying the beauty products from authorized sellers with proper receipts. Even if it said that the product is available in the market with discounts without receipts, you have to claim for the purchase ideas and details.

Look into the Logo and Specifications – All the beauty products possess a specific logo and design which is intended only for the desired products and those images cannot be used in some other products as it will lead to copyrights claim and issue. If you are aware of the product you can verify the brand with available specifications and designs. If you find anything irrelevant to the product you can report and escalate for a solution.

See the Type of Packaging and size – Packaging differs from product to product and from the packaging type you can easily get to know the exact product. If the product is delivered from top brand covers and envelope will be so tight and compact to make sure no spilling occurs. Further, you can check the bar code available in the product to check its authenticity.

Happy Shopping !!!