Bathroom Renovation Ideas That You Should Consider

While renovating your entire house, don’t ignore your bathroom. The bathroom is one place that is not only frequented by the family members but also the guests and visitors, so it shouldn’t look odd when your entire house is redesigned and furnished well. 

Bathroom renovation is a fun project, and homeowners love to remodel it even more than kitchens. Since it is smaller than most rooms, renovation is easier and faster regarding bathrooms. Plus, less space means reduced expenses: less paint and flooring and fewer countertops and cabinets. You can hire contractors from companies like Bathroom Renovations Melbourne. Here are some of the bathroom renovation ideas which you can implement:

Build-in Niches: When the space is extremely tight and small, don’t try to build one; instead, try improvising. Built-ins such as recessed toiletries, soap dishes, sanitary products, and even toilet paper holders intrude into as many available spaces as possible from tiny bathrooms. You can also flatten the ceiling light by replacing ceiling lights with recessed lights. 

Bathroom Ventilation: Ventilation in bathrooms are a must, either in the form of proper-sized windows or an exhaust fan. So, make sure to add ventilation whenever you go for renovation. For bathroom fans, look at the exhaust capacity about their noise levels. You can discuss this with your contractor, who will know more about the exhaust fans. 

Right Flooring: Since bathrooms are always wet and moist, installing wooden floors is not a good idea. Cement and concrete, on the other hand, are old and boring. You can instead go for ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl titles, as they are sturdy and durable for daily use. Then, hire contractors from Renoworx to install the floor in your bathroom. 

Consider Plants: Plants in the bathroom are cool and shouldn’t be discarded. Plants bring a lively touch and color to your sterile bathrooms. You can consider having succulent plants or any type used for decorative purposes. Consider having a floating shelf for giving your plants a cozy home.

Give Proper Color: If your bathroom is petite, make sure to use light colors to paint our bathroom walls. Dark colors usually make the room claustrophobic and small, whereas light colors make you feel breathable. Use light-colored fixtures, preferably white. You also can use the same color to paint your ceiling.

Bathroom Lighting: A bathroom is a place where people need to visually inspect their faces, hair, or any other part of the body, so dim lights shouldn’t even be an option. Add bright lights that can light up the entire room, giving you a precise look. Also, consider adding lighting around your bathroom mirrors, such as sconces. 

Wrapping Up

Bathroom renovation is a fun project, but it also requires a lot of planning and proper execution. First, consider the tips mentioned above to make your bathroom lively. After that, hire a contractor from companies like Renoworx who can commit to your project and deliver better results.