Basement Waterproofing Estimates – What You Need To Know? 

Waterproofing basements is an old task that has been around for decades. Some of these services come with good quality, whereas some are poor. When someone claims to be accurate with the latest market prices, it misguides you and pushes you away from reality unless it’s a service provider.

Yes, that is the reality!

No one can be as accurate with the basement waterproofing estimates unless it’s a professional dealing with the same for years. Aquatech Basement waterproofing can only give you the best and nearest estimates that will hit the actual pricing in the market.

We hope you are eagerly waiting for the same too. So, we should start reading this post without making you wait any longer.

You Have To Decide First What You Exactly Need?

Damp Proofing Or Waterproofing

The two main moisture control methods utilized in basements are waterproofing and damp proofing. Despite having very different meanings, the names are frequently used interchangeably.


Waterproofing is a technique for preventing liquid water and soil moisture from accessing a basement floor or foundation. Special membranes, cement coatings, and numerous more methods can be used to accomplish this. Basement waterproofing Toronto is priced between price estimation from $70 to $420 per linear square foot.

Damp Proofing

Simply said, damp proofing prevents soil moisture from penetrating the concrete, and most homes built today already have some level of it. It isn’t about groundwater, but it can keep a musty-smelling basement. If damp proofing is necessary, a budget of $90 to $130 (minimum) per square foot will be best to go with.

This is not just enough to get into the basement waterproofing Toronto, but you also need to have different factors in mind for an intelligent selection of options.

Multiple Factors That Influence The Pricing Of Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Services

  1. Current Condition Of The Basement

Although concrete and block walls are exceedingly solid and resilient, they are not impenetrable. In reality, concrete blocks have sizable gaps that can hold water. Because of this, contractors may need to drill weep holes in the bottom and allow them to drain into a drainage track.

No amount of exterior basement waterproofing will be adequate if the foundation is in poor condition, and the building may even be dangerous. The walls need to be fixed in that instance before you can proceed. Depending on the thorough repairs, there may be an additional charge for the foundation repair. 

But to guarantee better basement waterproofing estimates, these modifications are essential.

  1. Exterior Or Interior Basement Waterproofing

You can prevent water from entering basement walls either on the outside or inside of the wall. Interior basement waterproofing entails applying a watertight sealant to the interior of the basement walls. Digging below grade, exposing the foundation, and coating or shielding it with a waterproof membrane are all steps in the exterior sealing process.

If we tell you which one can cost you more, then exterior basement waterproofing will be the answer. It takes more labour, gear, and time, but it’s frequently the most excellent method for preventing water from entering a basement.

  1. Size Of The Basement

The cost of basement waterproofing Toronto is primarily influenced by the sealing technique, although size is a close second. It tells you how much more material, time, and effort will be needed to fix a large basement. The layout can still be a consideration for Aquatech basement waterproofing, although it’s less critical than square footage.

  1. Labor Cost

The labour cost is one of the most critical items to basement waterproofing estimates. Including the wages and expenses must be there, as well as overhead costs and profits. 

However, a contractor takes care of all the hassles and will give you peace of mind that the project was finished correctly.

You might be able to leverage basement waterproofing Toronto without necessary long labour units if you calculate everything well, resulting in significant cost savings. However, the labour cost is frequently included in your professional services.

  1. Water Table Level

The level below the grade at which the ground is saturated with water is known as the water table.

Sometimes all the waterproofing you need to keep a dry basement is to fix a few small cracks. A location may have a high or low water table for various reasons, although it might be more challenging to manage. 

The basement is frequently the path of least resistance because these places don’t shed rain or groundwater very efficiently. Because of this, exterior basement waterproofing efforts can be the only choice!

Let’s Conclude:

The entire process of waterproofing a basement can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have experience. There are different methods that every single waterproofing company makes use of, and it is all on your shoulders to make a wise choice between the many.

It would help if you had a professional waterproofing company come in and assess the situation before you come up with any basement waterproofing estimates. So, not just for the basement but for any waterproofing services, you can contact us at Aquatech Waterproofing

Aquatech basement waterproofing will ensure the best and long-term health of your premise.