Backlinks: Benefits, & How to Get It

The Importance of Backlinks

Digital activists, of course, are familiar with what is called building backlinks. Well, for bloggers like me, even though knowledge about SEO is still limited to foam on the surface of the sea, at least you know that backlinks are really important. Link building is one way to bring in a lot of visitors or high traffic on our website/blog. This optimization strategy uses backlinks to increase the ranking of your website/blog in the eyes of search engines. It’s a dream, right, our website/blog can be perched on the first page of Google?

When our website/blog is good in the eyes of search engines (occupying the front page), then the incoming traffic becomes crowded. For content creators like bloggers, who don’t care that their blog has lots of visitors (readers)? Especially for commercial websites/blogs, high traffic means the high potential to bring in action & conversions. It is undeniable, nowadays the online market is a very potent target for business actors to market their business/services. For this reason, it is very important to optimize so that commercial websites/blogs can appear on the front page of search engines. Well, link building is an optimization strategy carried out by the majority of internet marketers around the world.

There are many ways to get backlinks. But not all of them are recommended because there are ways that are included in blackhat SEO, namely the method of getting backlinks in an illegal way that risks our website/blog being banned by Google. It is better to use safe methods. One of them is guest posting services.

Accessily Platform

Accessily is a quality and trusted guest posting services marketplace that brings together advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers can buy backlinks from registered blogs. Just select the appropriate blogs for the product you want to promote or review. The blogs listed on have certain criteria such as quality content, have a DA (Domain Authority) value, Domain Rating (DR), free from Google penalties & never use blackhat SEO optimization, and have a user-friendly & neat website appearance. Another criterion is that the blog has a relevant niche/category to promote/review products. So, advertisers can choose their own from a list of blogs that are suitable for buying backlinks just like shopping online.

On the other hand, bloggers registered with Accessily can earn additional income from their blogs by selling backlinks. The selling price of backlinks from each blog varies depending on the quality of the blog, judging by the DA, PA scores. The better the quality of the blog, the higher the price. If there is an order to buy backlinks on this platform, bloggers will get a notification via email. Bloggers have the right to accept or reject the order. If you receive an order to write content and place a backlink according to the details of the order received, and submit the URL on the platform.

As a blogger, I personally welcome the existence of a quality & trusted backlink service marketplace that is open between advertisers and bloggers. So, this Accessily Platform can be an option for an easy solution to get quality guest posting services. How to buy backlinks and sell backlinks on this platform? It’s not complicated, really. Just follow the clear guidelines provided on the platform.

Benefits of Backlinks

Apart from SEO, backlinks also have many other benefits.

Increase your website exposure — the more backlinks you get from other websites, the more exposure you will receive from that website traffic.

Increase the credibility of your website — getting backlinks means that your website is trusted to produce high-quality content that is worth reading.

Improve your ranking on SERPs — as discussed earlier, backlinks can increase your chances of ranking higher on search results pages.Make it easier for your website to be indexed on search engines — the faster the indexing process on Google, you will get a high level of visibility and also more organic traffic.