Astonishing Facts About Maqam-e-Ibrahim

Islam is a religion of freedom and peace. There are different historical backgrounds that have great importance in Islam. Maqam-e-Ibrahim is also a point that has significant background and Muslims consider this point to be the most significant. Maqam-e-Ibrahim is found near Khana Kaaba situated within Masjid Al-Haram. This is the point where Prophet Ibrahim (AS) initiated the construction of the Khana Kaaba. Allah Almighty guided Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS) to execute the deed. According to different teachings of Islam, it has been reported that Prophet Ibrahim was standing on a rock while constructing the Khana Kaaba.

Prophet Islamic (AS) was standing beside father to pass on other rocks in order to construct the walls of Khana Kaaba. It is stated that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) stood longer on the stone than it divided his feet and got clear impressions on the rock. These impressions are still found on the rock and are considered as Maqam-e-Ibrahim. After this instance, the rock was placed on the Eastern side of Khana Kaaba and is covered from all sides. Muslims from all over the world visit this place while performing Umrah.

Further Description of Maqam Al-Ibrahim

The biggest example of this incident is also beautifully described in Quran Majid. Maqam-e-Ibrahim is basically the footprints of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) on a rock. The height of this rock is approximately 20cm and the shape of the rock is square in appearance. The color of the stone is somehow reddish-white or it seems yellowish sometimes as well. According to different studies it has been noted that the depth of one footprint is about 10cm while the one is measured to be 9cm.

The Maqam-e-Ibrahim has great importance in Islam. Muslims consider it an evitable part of Masjid-Al-Haram. This point explicitly shows the importance of dedication and hardship that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) executed at the time of the construction of the Khana Kaaba. His hard work was fully devoted to the way of Islam and His feet got an impression on rock. Muslims from all over the world when visiting Masjid Al-Haram, pay respect to this point and pray to Allah Almighty for Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS). Muslims also perform Nafl at this point. When Muslims go to perform Hajj or Umrah, offering Nawafil at this point is also compulsory.

Distinctive Facts About Maqam-e-Ibrahim

The origin and significance of Maqam-e-Ibrahim are linked to the building of the sacred Khana Kaaba in Makkah, the house of Allah SWT. It is believed that the Holy Stone was handed down to Prophet Ibrahim (AS) directly from eternal bliss to aid him in the building of the Khana Kaaba. This rock is counted among the marvels of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Ever since then, Muslims who are conducting Hajj or Umrah are required to recite two Rakats in order to finish the Tawaf. Here are a few pieces of information about Maqam Ibrahim:

  • This sacred stone is located within the vicinity of Khana Kaaba and it was sent directly from Heaven. Each Muslim praises the hardship that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had to face while constructing Khana Kaaba. The impressions of His feet are proof of His sacrifice for Allah Almighty.
  • In different studies, it has been stated that Maqam-e-Ibrahim was reconstructed during the reign of the Ottoman empire. This sacred point was given the shape of a shrine. Afterward, when the Saudi government took the entire hold, the shrine was demolished and the rock was covered with an iron sheet that was constructed in the form of a box to protect the area from further damage.
  • In earlier times, back in 1967, this point was encapsulated with a wooden cover. This cover was not that appropriate to keep the Maqam-e-Ibrahim safe from different weather impacts such as rain, heavy winds, and other climate impacts.
  • Maqam-e-Ibrahim is placed approximately 43 feet away from Khana Kaaba. As Muslims love to touch and embrace the Black stone, similarly they are so fond of visiting Maqam-e-Ibrahim.

How to Visit Maqam-e-Ibrahim?

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