Are You Aggravating Your Hemorrhoids?

About fifty to seventy-five percent of people will develop piles at some point in their lives—and experience the accompanying inconvenience, embarrassment, and pain. While it is true that almost anyone can be affected, certain individuals run the risk of suffering for a far longer period than others. Here are some of the ways you might be unintentionally prolonging your hardship. Click here to learn more about drinking purified water for your good health.

1 – Not drinking enough water

Poor hydration can lead to constipation, among other problems. When you’re having trouble passing stool, you run the risk of irritating already inflamed veins. So, make a habit out of bringing a bottle of water wherever you go. If possible, buy your own tumbler or jug so that you will be motivated to down the recommended eight glasses.

2 – Having a low-fiber diet

Your digestive tract will have a bad time when you don’t eat healthy grains or produce. Many people believe that their morning cereal and some bread is enough, but they could not be more wrong. Diarrhoea and constipation are major contributors to flare-ups so incorporate vegetables and fruits into your daily intake for a healthy level of dietary fibre.

3 – Spending too much time on the loo

Having bowel movement trouble often means sitting on the toilet for long periods. It’s something that cannot be helped. Sometimes though, people just want to linger in the bathroom, reading newspapers or playing games on their smart phones, even after they’ve done the deed. These don’t bode well for the veins in your nether regions. If you really want to chill in the lavatory after answering to the call of nature, sit on the cover instead.

4 – Being inactive

The nature of your job or lifestyle can mean being in a sedentary environment, even if it is not by choice. Hours of being seated puts a lot of stress on your bottom. This leads to poor blood flow which will affect your piles. Ergo, you should get your body moving. You have to understand that drinking eight glasses of water or eating a healthy diet won’t be beneficial if you are not getting regular exercise. Walk around the block, go swimming, or sign up for a gym membership if you must. If you are more curious about your health and fitness, then take a look at this website for useful information.

5 – Having high levels of stress

Being stressed out makes your body operate at a destructive or inefficient rate. This goes for your digestive system too, making it harder to have regular bowel movements. Practice calming techniques and meditation to reduce the physical or mental tension that you feel. If you want, you can go on a holiday every once in a while to give your mind and body a well-deserved break. Visiting a spa or yoga centre is a good idea too.

Dealing with piles can be a pain—literally and figuratively! Not only do you have to endure much agony, you also have to be careful to avoid the above things. The good news is that there is a natural hemorrhoid treatment that you can easily access and it is called Hemocyl. You can buy a bottle of these capsules online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Hopefully, you can take comfort in that fact. is a website that provides you with complete information about keeping your family healthy or fit and preventing all diseases.