Are Free Psychic Readings Too Good To Be True

Many people are skeptical about psychic readings. Psychics know this, but they offer free readings for many reasons, including proving to non-believers that psychic readings are real. If you have doubts or are curious about psychics, check out these free online psychics.

Free readings may be too good to be true, especially considering how much the best psychics charge. However, they are worth getting because most psychics offer free readings as a trial read for their paid services. So, you get a few minutes to decide if you ‘click’ with the psychic and the readings.

Free readings are not the red flag many people believe them to be. The market has made us believe that value is attached to a price. The higher the price, the more valuable the goods or services are. However, you can still get value from a free reading. 

Advantages Of Free Psychic Readings.

If a psychic is authentic, why would he or she offer free psychic readings? There are several advantages of free psychic readings for the psychic and the clients.

  • It is a great marketing strategy for psychics who wish to expand their client base, especially since many people have doubts about psychics. 
  • You get to decide if you connect with the psychic and don’t have to pay a penny for this discovery.
  • You get to determine the accuracy of the readings before paying for in-depth psychic readings. 
  • It is a great way to be introduced to psychics and psychic readings. 

How Free Psychic Readings Work

All psychics who offer free psychic readings have caveats. So, before getting too excited about getting free readings, especially from popular psychic reading sites, you need to understand how they work. Psychics offer free readings in multiple ways.

  • Some offer a free first reading. They will request your details, including your name, date of birth, and the issues that have drawn you to seek a psychic reading. For example, you may want to know what to expect from your career or relationship. They then send a detailed reading via email. Any new readings will be charged. 
  • Other psychics attach their first reading to a limited time. For example, you may get five minutes free. This is often the case for free readings over the phone or using video calls. You can drop the call or continue for a paid session when your free session is up. 
  • Some sites have multiple psychics and offer a few minutes for you to test your compatibility with the psychics. If you are dissatisfied, you get the same free minutes as the next psychic until you get the right one. Once you pick your preferred psychic, you get into the paid session. 
  • Free credits. Some psychic sites offer free credits when you join the site. However, you must validate your credit card when you sign up. You will use the free credits to sample the psychics. When you exhaust the free credits, every other session is charged. 
  • One free psychic question is offered to new visitors. Other psychics hook new visitors by offering a free psychic reading for one question that the potential clients have. So, you need to think critically about the most pressing issue which needs clarity.
  • Risk-free first session. Some psychic sites do not offer free sessions. However, they offer money-back guarantees if you are dissatisfied with the reading. So, even though you have to pay for the session before it begins, you still get a free session if you ask for a refund. 
  • Free reading on specific modes of communication. Some psychics attach their free sessions to a specific form of communication. For example, some may offer a free first reading via email, but you will be charged if you want a face-to-face session, such as a video call. 

Psychic offers multiple options for free readings. You will need to decide what option gives you a better experience. Some free sessions may not offer sufficient time to give you a worthwhile experience with psychics and their readings. 

For example, some sites only offer the first three minutes of conversation for free. You can do so much in three minutes, but you may need more than that to make an informed decision. 

Fortunately, you can reach out to as many psychic sites as you wish, depending on how they have structured their free sessions to sample what they offer. You’ll then choose one that you find most authentic and impressive to pay for a longer session.

However, before registering your credit card details to a site, you need to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate psychic site.