Are FANUC Robots A Good Choice For DIY Solutions?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of science and advancement. We are not very far away from being replaced by robots and AI because some of them have already taken the place of human beings. They are programmed in such a way that they can simplify complicated tasks and provide seamless results. Many large industries and firms have already adopted AI for accuracy and efficiency. 

FANUC robot is one such software used for offline programming solutions that simplify operating ways, teaches, and creates process development. FANUC (Fuji Automation NUmerical Control) is organized into three main business units: Robot, Robomachine, and Factory Automation (FA). In layperson’s terms, FANUC is used for enhancing productivity. Improving product quality and cycle time and increasing the overall efficiency of a manufacturing process. But Are They Good For DIY Solutions? Let’s find out. 

1. Operation: Using FANUC robots is very easy. Since they are preprogrammed, we don’t have to worry about coding to operate them. It can also be modified to perform various tasks at the assembly lines by making minor changes in the software and hardware. FANUC robots can easily fit into any business with the current factory layouts and footprints, whether packing items, automotive, or precision. They can help in increased productivity, provide better support, deliver targeted products, has less downtime, and is low maintenance. 

2. Flexibility: We all know that the work we do by yourselves gives us the most satisfaction because we give the best flexibility and output. Here, FANUC robots have a similar kind of flexibility and provide outstanding services, and help save money and time. It also does high-quality work within a limited time. FANUC has more than 250 specialized functions, which makes customization easier with other DIY modular cells, which allows you to design the functions by choosing modular panels. 

3. Compatibility: FANUC’s diverse features and advantages have made it the leading global manufacturer of industrial automation. Its connection with DIY-Robotics modular cells makes the modification process easy. FANUC Robots by Automated Solutions Australia are compatible with almost all the tools and equipment present in the market, making them feasible in terms of installation and operation. They can perform various tasks like cutting, assembling, picking and placing, material application, palletizing, inspection, etc. They can be plugged in and played with the existing industrial design to maximize output optimization. 

4. Reliability: Along with DIY-Robotics’ unlimited free support for their products, FANUC is also reliable and offers a lifetime guarantee of their products. You don’t have to worry even when the robot gets old. It is the only robot manufacturer that designs and manufactures all its products’ parts while ensuring their quality is superior and reliable. The products of FANUC are also available at all times, which confirms it’s dispatched 24/7, thus reducing the downtime operation and guaranteeing robust performance. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a robot for your DIY solutions, look no further than FANUC Robots. They are reliable, compatible, and flexible, which makes them easier to operate. In addition, FANUC Robots come with customization options so you can change their software functions according to your needs.