Answerly: Earn money by staying inquisitive

A curious person can understand how hard it is to stop being inquisitive. But then again, we are also being cautious about annoying others. Sometimes you might get judgmental remarks, and sometimes people will frown upon you.  But should you stop asking questions? Not at all, as Answerly welcomes all of your questions with praise and prize.

Yes, you heard it right. The prize is money you get for your questions. 

Post at a proper platform-Answerly

Are your questions irritating, or do you ask the wrong person? Stop being so over conscious about your questions and post them on Answerly without worrying anymore. I bet you won’t get a penalty for asking silly questions (winks). Instead of killing your innate curiosity, ask as many questions as you want and get your answers on Answerly. 

And nevertheless, the money is a bonus. On Answerly, users get rewards for adding the questions to this Q/A platform.  

Why would you get paid by asking questions?

Answerly encourages questions by offering rewards. The questions make a valuable contribution to the content of the app. The variety of topics and categories on Answerly makes the knowledge findable and accessible. The questions you post are not only important to you but are also significant for other users trying to put their questions into words. So, don’t be shy and shoot your questions!

How do you get paid?

The first step to the Answerly world is to make an account on Answerly. For making an account, you do not need to subscribe or pay. By the way, you can log in with your Google as well. Easy, right?

So once you have registered, you can get points in your accounts. These points accumulate as tokens. You can withdraw these tokens and exchange them for dollars. And here you go!

Advantage of earning by asking

Answerly offers two ways of earning money. The aim is to elevate knowledge sharing and address the questions appropriately. So the users can ask and answer the questions. You get money by asking questions, and you earn money by answering other people’s questions. It’s a win-win scenario. While answering questions gets the users rewards based on their answers, posting questions has a fixed price. 

When you are unsure whether your answer is among the best possible solutions, you can still earn by asking questions.

What else do you get on Answerly?

Answerly presents you with informative and relevant answers to your questions. Unlike other platforms where information is misleading and inaccurate, Asnwerly ensures the quality of the data. The responses are assessed based on their sentence structure, relevance to the questions, grammar, and the votes from the users. Even if the spams bypass the automatic evaluation, users can report the posts. Answerly removes the irrelevant content timely and efficiently. 

Why should you earn on Answerly?

Answerly is an authentic platform for earning online. Furthermore, users can transact their amount after reaching a specific number of tokens. So they do not wait longer. It offers a better solution to those searching for online earning opportunities. Instead of spam advertisement, the reliability of Answerly is represented by the excellent experience of existing users. 

We wish we could have gone on for a bit more, unfortunately, though, we have run out of the time and space for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are super optimistic that you must have learned something, if not everything, new about this massive revolution in the world of Q & A platforms! On that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this space! But you can always look up Answerly on your own! 


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