An Ultimate Guide to Choosing Party Dresses

The perfect party dress will have you dancing through the night as comfortably as possible. A dress without scratchy fabric or uncomfortable cuts is the way to go. From shape to length, there are a few elements to look at when picking your dress for the day.

Top 5 tips for choosing the perfect party dress

Finding the perfect party dress will have you hopping from one store to another. If it’s starting to look a little hopeless, here are 5 of the essential elements you should pay attention to when trying to make your pick.

  • Dress shape and fitting
  • Glitter or no glitter
  • Are we talking black tie?
  • Budget
  • Get inspired, and custom design

Dress shape and fitting

Dresses come in various shapes and styles, each more flattering to one body type over the other. A dress that fits like a glove is every woman’s dream. From mini dresses to midi dresses for women, it’s easy to find dresses tailored to your taste.

If an A-line cut isn’t your vibe, you could always look for mermaid or sheath dresses. Understand your body shape and find the dress styles that will suit you best.

Glitter or no glitter

Parties give you the opportunity to go all out. Sequined dresses or a little ruffle, there are so many ways to dress for your next party. Having said that, formal parties will bring on a few limitations.

An elegant ensemble for your parent’s anniversary or something flashy for a girl’s night out, it won’t be hard to find one that feels just right. Pinterest is a great place to start if you want to find dress styles that are fashionable and unique.

Are we talking black tie?

Black tie events have a strict dress code. It would be best to avoid dramatic cuts and tight bodices for this one. Black tie events call for elegance and modesty. The dresses should be knee length or longer, and preferably nothing too bling or revealing.

Black tie events are harder to dress for as it requires a little more thought and consideration. It is best to go simple and minimal for your first black tie.

Stick to your Budget

It is always tempting to go over your budget when you spot a dress you really want. Sticking to your budget is always important when shopping for clothing. Party dresses are worn rarely and might only find a way out of your wardrobe 3 to 4 times. Therefore, it is crucial that one sticks to the budget and does not go overboard when dress shopping.

While you might not be aiming for a Valentino or Versace, there is always room to find dresses that satisfy your party dreams with an affordable price tag.

Get inspired, and custom design

Party dresses can be modest like those often worn by the Princess of Wales or daring like Miley Cyrus’ Bob Mackie dress. You can find inspiration for party dresses very easily. Once you have a clear idea of what you need, all you require is a good designer. A tailor-made dress will be expensive and not readily available.

Custom-made dresses will allow you to design the dress head to toe. Want a sweetheart neckline? You’ve got it.

Complement your party dress the right way

Why stop with just the dresses when there are so many elements you can add to your party look? Make-up, shoes and jewelry are three things that can complement your outfit without a struggle.

Make-up and hair

Whether you are going for bold or minimal, it is essential to find what will elevate the beauty of your party dress. A bright red lip is seen as the perfect combo for a plain black dress. There is no written rule as to what make-up looks complement specific dresses. Find what makes you feel confident and get ready for the perfect night out.

Hair is another element that can make or break your party look. A good hairstyle will have you looking like a million bucks in no time!

The perfect shoes

Overlooking footwear is a mistake you don’t want to make. The perfect shoes will let you dance into the night without a care in the world. Find a staple pair of heels that will go with all your party outfits. A black pair is bound to fit most of your looks and will be easy to find.

Investing in a sturdy pair of heels is not something you will regret, even though high heels are not your best friend in any scenario. If you are feeling funky, a pair of sneakers can also be paired with your party dress; comfort and style, all in one.


Accessories are an important part of putting together a party look. Just like your make-up, your jewelry can be a bold or subtle addition to your dress. While a necklace is the wrong pick for your halter neck, intricate earrings might fit flawlessly.

The jewelry you pair with your dresses can add or take away from their beauty. Purchase a few statement pieces that will go with all your dresses, and you’re good to go.

Party away in a comfortable fit

The importance of comfort in a party dress is often overlooked. Parties are meant to be fun and exciting, and one shouldn’t have to squeeze into a tight dress or deal with poky fabrics while having a good time.

There are various designs available when it comes to dresses, and it’s exciting to find one that fits your style. Don’t shy away from looks you have always wanted to try out!

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