All you need to know about Vtiger

CRM softwares are the most commonly used business management tools used in all kinds of businesses to manage their internal as well as external relationships, sales and marketing. Choosing the right CRM software for your business is important to get greater benefits and generate revenue.

In this blog we will dig into Vtiger as a CRM solution, its benefits, features, usage, why you should switch to Vtiger and much more.

Table of content

  • Vtiger as a CRM software
  • VtigerDEV, A reliable Vtiger Services Provider
  • Vtiger automations
  • Sale Automations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Other Automations
  • Conclusion

Vtiger as a CRM software

Vtiger, an open-source yet powerful and useful customer relationship management software enabling millions of small-to-medium scale businesses to improve their sales, interact with clients and manage their team efficiently. With its countless features and latest updates, it is growing bigger and better with every new version. New and better versions are launched making it a reliable and trusted source of management for companies.

VtigerDEV, A reliable Vtiger Services Provider

Now, when it comes to the usage of Vtiger as a CRM software for your business, you may find it a little hard to get yourself familiar with their interface and features. But no worries because there are numerous Vtiger services Providing companies where you can get trainings regarding the features and usage of Vtiger. One such organization is VtigerDEV, a team of professional working to develop useful extensions everyday to level-up your business management, integrate useful tools with your Vtiger or customize it according to your business. These companies also offer the service to upgrade you Vtiger version or migrate your data and files from another CRM solution to Vtiger.

Vtiger automations

Vtiger extends support in all the business management tasks, from sales management to marketing, collaborations and customer relations. Vtiger provides handy features to help you optimize speed of processes by automating repetitive and complex task. Sales manager can keep track of all the projects and tasks seamlessly. Marketing team can boost their marketing operations. Customer support representatives are able to build strong relationships with the clients.

Vtiger automation can be of three types

  1. Sales Automations
  2. Marketing Automations
  3. Customer service Automation.

Now, lets dig deep into these automations and how Vtiger help us streamline sales, marketing and customer relations

Sale Automations:

Sales management is a prime factor in a company’s success and prosperity. Better sales means higher rate of revenue, which directly means success of a business. Vtiger is a powerful sales management software, with a large number of features to automate your sales operations and increase your sales.

  • Sales funnel management

The term sales automation refers to automating the process where sales administrators generate leads and close deals by keeping track of projects through the sales funnel or pipeline. Sales funnel or pipeline is the step-by-step process of an organization’s sales.

  • Automating sales tasks

 You can keep an eye on your sales team with Vtiger sales automation feature. This is useful for the sales manager as it reduces their work by automating the sales tasks in an organization.

Marketing Automation:

For any business’s growth it is equally important to market the product or service efficiently as it is to track the sale tasks. Vtiger has advance marketing features to market your product and streamline processes.

  • Email Campaigns

Reaching out to the right audience is important for the marketing team to bring more sales to the company. Vtiger allows you to run successful email campaigns by reaching to your target audience.

  • Social media Integration

You can also access your social media accounts withing Vtiger by integrating them with Vtiger. This optimizes the speed of post creation and audience communication.

  • Dynamic Landing pages

With Vtiger you can create informative and dynamic Landing pages and share it with your customers

  • In-built URL builder

The  latest version of Vtiger, have in-built URL builder where you can give short and convenient URL’s making it more reachable for the audience

  • Creative Webforms

Create user-friendly surveys and informative webforms to interact with your customers, and thus increasing your marketing skills.

Customer Service Automation:

Customers are the most valuable assets for any business, building strong and long-lasting relationships with your clients is extremely beneficial in increasing your sales and generate more revenue. The more satisfied a client , the higher chances of long-lasting collaboration. Vtiger understands how important your customers are for you. Thus to enhance your customer relations, Vtiger has a number of features.

  • Customer portals.

The customer portals are build to interact with your customers conveniently, Understanding their needs and providing the best service to your clients.

  • Knowledge base:

Customers can find the solution to their problems in The Help desk. It includes Training articles, user guides etc.

  • Integration of conferencing tools:

You may need conferencing tools to communicate and interact with your customer. Vtiger has solved the issue for you. You can now, integrate video conferencing software with Vtiger to collaborate with your clients building strong relations.

Other Automations:

Moreover, Vtiger also provides automation in creating attractive documents, set reminders and popups to remember important tasks, manage your team through the internal collaboration feature, create a custom module and much more. Workflow Creation is also a powerfule feature of Vtiger allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and optimize speed.


In today’s digital world keeping your self up-to-date with the latest trends and advance technology is essential to maximize your sales and boost your marketing efforts. So, CRM softwares are best and most convenient tool to manage your business tasks effectively and Vtiger is a reliable choice for you if you have a small or medium scale business to run and want to automate business management, with low cost of installation and set up it has proved to be beneficial for many business. To assist you in customizing Vtiger, Integrating other softwares and upgrading Vtiger, feel free to Contact VtigerDEV.