All Useful Information About Contact Lenses

There are many who want to wear contact lenses, but then find it uncomfortable especially because of the irritation it feels while putting the lens in the eyes. But then, there are many who have spent almost their entire lives wearing contact lenses. Take for example our big screen celebrities or our sports heroes. Do you think they don’t need glasses even when they have aged? Well, of course, the contact lenses come in various colours, fit properly to the eyes and the biggest advantage is that you can continue playing outdoor games wearing them.

What Are the Benefits of Using High Quality Contact Lenses?

Say yes to outdoor activities

Do you love playing football but cannot do so because you wear eyeglasses? Well, this is where the contact lenses come to the rescue. You need not have to worry about your contact lenses falling off to the ground and breaking while you take a free kick on the ground. You can also wear contact lenses if you are planning to take a tour of the Disney World because you know you will have to take many high rides and you cannot expect your eyeglasses to fall off every now and then. Also, suppose you are riding a bike and you will have to wear the helmet. In case of eyeglasses, there would be a constant construction or difficulty in adjusting the eyeglasses with the belt of the helmet. If you want you can also buy disposable lenses, which are soft, and they do not even require cleaning with cleaning solutions. They can be used only for one day for a party, or for an entire week.

Look and feel stylish

Imagine you are going for a late night office party? Of course, you would want to look your best and wear some glossy eye make-up to go with your LBB. Now, what if you are wearing your eyeglasses? No, we are not telling you eyeglasses aren’t stylish. In fact, these days, you get tons of options in eyeglasses but would you office colleagues get to notice the eye make-up you had put so diligently. Contacts don’t slide down when you sweat.

Now, you might cringe but this is hard reality. How many times you need to wipe your face and also your eyeglasses in summer? This is the reason why doctors often prescribe choosing flexible and extended wear contact lenses and special lenses which are suited for astigmatism. Even in extreme temperature, you need not worry about your eyeglasses falling down. And contact lenses also wouldn’t get covered in rain. Yes, the moment it starts raining, we tend to put our eyeglasses in the bag for safety but in case of contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about it getting scratched in the rain or sweaty in the summers. In case of contacts, you never need to worry about those.

Now, let us discuss the types of contact lenses we have.

1. Soft Contact Lenses

2. Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

3. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

4. Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Contact Lenses

5. Extended Wear Contact Lenses

6. Decorative (Plano) Contact Lenses

Of course, there are many who say that contact lenses are expensive than eyeglasses but that’s always not true. In fact, in case of eyeglasses, it’s the lens which cost the money and then the frame. If you go for ultra-modern frame, you will have to loosen your pocket. However, when you buy contact lenses, you should mix and match colors as far as your complexion is concerned. You can start buying lenses in a package, especially if you have the right attires with which the lenses will match.


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