Akmal Mamarakhimov develops meat production in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

Akmal Mamarakhimov, a leading supplier of industrial equipment in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, used companies that were subsequently involved in the development of cattle breeding in the UK.

Mamarakhimov, presumably, until 2007, bought goods through Porok Antal LLP, a limited liability partnership (LLP) in England. Porok has worked closely with several companies, including Alpen Livestock Import-Export UG (a leading supplier of breeding heifers and bulls of meat and dairy breeds).

Many meat processors in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan do business with Mamarakhimov, as he offers both breeding stock and high-quality meat at a low price to these countries’ markets.

Akmal Mamarakhimov has also been supplying meat processing equipment since 2018 and has received more than $23 million in orders from meat processing companies in Kazakhstan (KAZBEEF) and Tajikistan (LLC AKOMA).

Mamarakhimov has been described as “a man with considerable control” over the Central Asian meat market. Having met him personally, however, I realized that he is a very modest businessman. Today, Mamarakhimov’s portfolio includes many exclusive contracts for both meat and meat processing equipment.

David Lintott

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