AiutoBlogger Review – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

In today’s era of instant and unlimited content accessibility, the significance of QUALITY content has escalated to unprecedented levels! The attention span of individuals has diminished to less than a second, requiring content creators to captivate their audience swiftly or risk losing them entirely.

At OpenAI, we have revolutionized content creation for ChatGPT, making it more convenient for everyone to enhance their online presence, increase traffic, improve rankings, and ultimately boost profits. With just a single click of a button inside AiutoBlogger, you can now effortlessly have all your ChatGPT content created, optimized, and posted on your behalf.


Thanks to Joshua Zamora, I get the results I wanted

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Product nameAiutoBlogger
VendorJoshua Zamora
Front-end price$27
Release Date2023-May-18
Release Time11:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


AiutoBlogger is the only auto-blogging WP plugin that leverages real A.I to write, optimize and post 100% unique content in any niche for you.


AiutoBlogger FE: AiutoBlogger

AiutoBlogger OTO 1: AiutoBlogger Bundle


AiutoBlogger OTO 2: AiutoBlogger Unlimited+

AiutoBlogger OTO 3: AiutoBlogger Whitelabel

AiutoBlogger OTO 4: AiutoBlogger Adtivate




AiutoBlogger is created by Joshua Zamora.

It looks like the highest goal of Joshua is to provide DFY 1-click solutions for buyers: SyndTrio, Video Chief UK EditionSyndBuddy 2.0Video Chief Green Screen EditionPBN BuilderDFY AuthorityMyTrafficJacker 2.0DFY Suite 2.0Sendiio 2.0, etc.

More details will be revealed in my AiutoBlogger Review.


Here’s the member’s area of AiutoBlogger:

  • 10 Site license
  • 10 Posts Per Month Per Site
  • Automatic Content Posting Included
  • Automatic Content Optimization Included
  • Automatic Royalty Free Media Posting Included
  • BONUS: Get a DOUBLE-Sites License (Use on 5 Extra Sites)
  • BONUS: Get a 2x-Content License (Get 5 Extra Posts Per Month)




AiutoBlogger is ready for you:




AiutoBlogger is solving your content problem once and for all.

Provide value
Build up trust
Get more traffic
Get more subscribers
Generate more profit
Get more rankings
And much much more


Generally, AiutoBlogger is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business



✅ Done-For-You Content For Your Sites For ANY Niche And ANY Language Using The Most POWERFUL A.I Engine On The Planet While Combined With Our Automation Engine

✅ Totally Hands-Free Optimization And Formatting Of That Content FOR You

✅ Automatically adds relevant images to your content too with our Built-in Media library of MILLIONS of Royalty-free images

✅ Hands-Free Posting Of Your PERFECTLY Optimized Content On ANY Desired Schedule You’d Like (you can literally set and forget it)

✅ NEVER Write, Optimize, or Post content manually EVER again (our A.I and automation do it ALL for you)

✅ Build And Scale Your Niche Site Empire in RECORD Speed By Leveraging Our NEW, Exclusive Technology that’s NOT available ANYWHERE Else

✅ Rank Niche Sites In ANY Niche and ANY Language and let our plugin do ALL the heavy lifting FOR YOU!

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found. 


AiutoBlogger has 1 Front-end & 5 OTOs:




OPTION 1: SPLIT ($197)
OPTION 2: FULL ($297)

Exclusive Replay Reveals My New A.I AutoBlogging App + Huge Discount with UNLIMITED Use And Private Discount

AiutoBlogger Agency ($47 value)
AiutoBlogger Unlimited+Resellers ($444/year value)
AiutoBlogger Whitelabel ($197 Value)
AiutoBlogger+ Adtivate 10 Site License ($67 Value)

EXCLUSIVE Bundle Packages For AiutoBlogger That Are NOT Available ANYWHERE Else


Unlock The Ability To Install AiutoBlogger on an Unlimited Number of Sites At A HUGE, Limited-Time Discount…

  • Unlimited Sites license
  • Unlimited Content Creation
  • Unlimited Optimization and Posting
  • Unlimited “Set And Forget” Scheduling System
  • BONUS: Resellers License so You Can Flip Sites WITH AiutoBlogger Installed!
  • BONUS: Unlimited Feature Updates – FOREVER!
  • BONUS: Unlimited Feature Updates – FOREVER!

PLUS, Get Unlimited Content Generation, Unlimited Posting, AND Unlimited “Set and Forget” Scheduling

INSTANTLY remove ALL Limitations of Aiutoblogger By Securing Our Unlimited Sites License (VERY limited-time offer)
Unlock Unlimited Content Generation And SKYROCKET Your Profit By Having Fresh Content on ALL Your Sites
HUGE Bonus: Unlock Unlimited Optimization And Posting To ALL Your Sites
HUGE Bonus: Unlock our “Set And Forget” Scheduling System That Lets AiutoBlogger Run Infinitely For As Long As You’d Like!
HUGE Bonus: Resellers License so You Can Flip Sites WITH AiutoBlogger Installed!
HUGE Bonus: Get Unlimited Feature Updates – FOREVER!

Ready To Lock-In Your HEAVILY Discounted Unlimited-Sites License And Put Adtivate To Work FOR YOU On Even MORE Sites?

All you need to do is put down $1 today to LOCK IN Your Discount!

Let’s Break This Down A Little Further So You Can REALLY See The Value You’re Getting TODAY…

Our Unlimited Sites License

$997 / Year Value

This is going to allow you to have ZERO limits on how much you can make from your sites.

You will NEVER have to buy another license like how competitors make you do.

You’ll be getting the rights to use Adtivate on as MANY sites as you’d like – FOREVER!

Just simply log in to the member’s area, grab a new license key, and you’re off to the races.

Our Resellers license

$497 / Year Value

This is going to allow you to also have ZERO limits if you decide that you’d like to flip one of your sites for a BIG payday. Nearly EVERY Premium plugin out there will NOT let your license key be transferred to a new owner once ownership changes. This really sucks because deactivating a plugin as VITAL as AiutoBlogger pretty much turns a site WORTHLESS.

Seriously – with ONE click, you’d be disabling ALL content creation and posting on this site, which is one of the MOST valuable parts of a site’s VALUE when you’re selling.

With our Resellers License, you do NOT have to worry about that being an issue. You can freely sell your sites for a HUGE profit and know you can keep their value by ensuring AiutoBlogger goes with the sale.

Unlock Unlimited Content Creation, Posting, and Scheduling

$997 Value

This option ALONE is going to allow you to REALLY take things to the next level. With our regular license, you got access to a certain amount of creation, publishing, and posting schedule.

However, on this page not only are you going to unlock unlimited content creation, but you’ll also be unlocking unlimited posting of that content AND even unlock out “Set and Forget” scheduling feature which allows Aiutoblogger to run 24/7/365 without you having to touch it EVER again.

Get Unlimited Feature Updates – FOREVER!

This is truly UNHEARD of in the Premium Plugin space. As you saw from many of our competitors, they put a cap on the amount of time that you get free updates and some of them even put a cap on how long you have access to support. And for good reason. It is VERY expensive to just give out free updates to plugins when you’re only charging a small one-time payment.

However, with Aiutoblogger, you will NOT run into those issues. Today, you’ll be locking in UNLIMITED Feature Updates FOREVER and you will NEVER have to pay extra for support! Our team is here with you and for you. And if you ever purchased any of my products, you know that we release A TON of updates! AiutoBlogger will be NO different.


Unlock WHITELABEL Rights And Put YOUR Branding (or your CLIENT’S Branding) On Our PREMIUM WP Plugin

So That You Can Keep The Secret Power Of AiutoBlogger To Yourself And Keep Your Competitors Guessing

Ready To Put YOUR Branding on Our PREMIUM WP Plugin To Maximize Your Profit?

To bring you a VERY rare and EXTREMELY valuable offer that will skyrocket your profit, while being able to ensure that you keep the secret of AiutoBlogger to YOURSELF!

Yup, at this point you already see the power of what you can do with AiutoBlogger and how much money you can make, right?

So, we want you to be able to PROTECT the power of what you have found so you can maximize your profit potential while keeping your competitors guessing as to HOW you build and grow your sites so quickly and effortlessly.

On this page, you’re going to be able to unlock our Whitelabel features, so that you can put YOUR branding on OUR plugin, so your clients, customers and competitors will TRULY NEVER know that you’re using a plugin that is readily available for them to purchase as well.

Yea I know, but the LAST thing you want is for your clients (and competitors) to discover that you’re using AiutoBlogger and they purchase an account of their OWN and completely CUT YOU OUT or start copying EXACTLY what you’re doing.

(which if you’ve been in the client business or the niche-site business for any amount of time, you know this happens ALL the time)

There’s always those clients that seem to constantly want to bring everything “in house”

Just Like there’s always competitors trying to figure out what you’re doing…

Our WhiteLabel Features Allow You To Confidently Create Your Own Version Of AiutoBlogger In A Matter of SECONDS WITHOUT Ever Exposing What You’re Using

Yup, you read that correctly. How would you like to be able to not only have Adtivate handle ALL your monetization for you but have ALL your branding show up when you go to install our plugin on your sites or your client’s sites.

PLUS, it’ll take you under 2 minutes to convert our entire WP Plugin into your own!

I’m sure you can see how valuable it is to be able to add your branding to our plugin so you can keep the secret of Adtivate to yourself.

You can get access to AiutoBlogger WhiteLabel for the CRAZY, Discounted, One-Time Price



Unlock Our 3-Step WP Plugin That Turns ALL Your Sites Into Profit-Pulling Machines By Quickly And Easily Deploying High-Converting Offers in Under 60 Seconds…

So You Can Dominate Your Niche While Our Plugin Handles ALL Your Monetization FOR YOU!

INSTANTLY monetize ANY site in MULTIPLE different ways
AUTOMATICALLY Add Profitable Offers To Your Sites In Under 60 seconds
MAXIMIZE The Profit You Make From EVERY Site You Own or Manage
Quickly Add Adsense, Affiliate Offers, Your Own Offers, CPA Offers, Call-To-Actions (or ANYTHING you’d Like) ALL over Your Sites
BONUS: Unlock Our Powerful Ad Creator To Quickly Create and Deploy Ads In SECONDS From PROVEN templates
BONUS: Agency Rights are Included So You Can Monetize Your Client’s Sites too
BONUS: GEO-Targeting Feature To SKYROCKET Conversions By Displaying the MOST relevant ads by location (very limited)

We’ve Created The Best, Fastest, And EASIEST Way To Monetize Your Sites Using The Power of Automated Banner Ads
Our WP Ad Plugin allows you to easily create, add, manage, and display high-converting offers on your sites in a way that no other plugin can – GUARANTEED!!!

PLUS, Today, You’ll Be Securing a HUGE 73% Charter-Members Discount AND Some EXCLUSIVE, Limited-Time Bonuses

That Finds High-Converting Offers For You In ANY Niche That You Can INSTANTLY Promote With Adtivate!

Adtivate is our new and powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to monetize your sites with the #1 most PROVEN monetization strategy used by ALL the biggest and most profitable sites online

Yup, We’ve created the FASTEST and EASIEST way to create, add, manage, and deploy offers on your sites via the power of banner ads in under 60 seconds!

Once You Have Adtivate You’ll Be Able To Quickly and EASILY Turn Your Sites Into Profit-Producing Machines JUST Like The “Big Boys” Do.

  • Quickly And Easily Create Your Offers Using Our Built-in Ad Creator with a TON of PROVEN Templates
  • Choose Between Pop-Up or Banner Ad
  • With Pop-Up Ads You Can Choose From MULTIPLE Different Triggers To Maximize Profit
  • You Can Also Upload An Image Ad or Create a Custom Ad Using The WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add An Attention-Grabbing Border To Your Ads
  • Add Your Offer Link To Ensure You Get Paid
  • Add An Entrance Animation To Grab IMMEDIATE Attention
  • Add Periodic Animations To Your Offers at ANY Time To Get even MORE Clicks
  • Add an EXIT Animation To Grab Attention ONE Last Time
  • Position Your Offers At The Top, The Bottom or Set To A Random Spot
  • Make Your Offers Sticky So That They’re ALWAYS On Screen To Maximize Your Profit
  • Include and Exclude Your Offers Based On Geo-Location To Maximize Conversions
  • Set an Automatic Start Time And End Time if You’re Selling Ad Space On Your Sites
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Clicks or Total # of Daily Clicks
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Impressions or Total # of Daily Impressions
  • Create Group Of Offers That Will Be Automatically Rotated On Your Sites So You Find Which Offers Convert The BEST to Maximize Profit
  • Automatically Rotate Ads In A Group To Avoid Banner Blindness and Maximize Profit
  • Automatically Turn Keywords Within Your Content Into Clickable Offers To Generate Even MORE Profit
  • Leverage Our Shortcode Feature To Have Your Offers Show Up When Your Readers Reach A SPECIFIC Part Of Your Content
  • Built-In “Bad User” Blocking Mechanism So Your Ads Do NOT Show To “Bot Traffic”
  • Built To ByPass “Ad Blockers” So You Can ALWAYS Maximize Your Profit
  • Get FULL Impression, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate, and Location Stats For Your Offers To Quickly Turn Off The Losers And Push ALL Traffic To The Winners

Talk about some INSANELY Awesome Bonuses, right?

Yup, We have REALLY Stepped The Value Up On This One!

And You Can Get Access To EVERYTHING We Just Mentioned Above At The CRAZY, Discounted, ONE-TIME Price

5 site license
Access to ALL Banner types
Access to Pop-Up Overlay Ads
Access To Keyword-to-Ads feature
Access To Bot-Traffic Blocker
Full Traffic Stats of Banners
Access To Automatic Start-Stop Feature
Access To 1 year of Updates
Unlimited Access To our Tech Support
BONUS: Access To Our Built-In Banner Creator
BONUS: Access To Geo-Targeting Feature
BONUS: Agency License to be able to use on client sites

BONUS 1 Exclusive 5-Site License FOR FREE $200 Value

This alone is a MASSIVE bonus that we could have EASILY charged extra for. Especially when our competitors are charging the SAME amount that we’re charging for a SINGLE-SITE license. And NOT A SINGLE ONE of our competitors has a built-in ad creator to quickly and easily create your ads within MINUTES!

You must act FAST though because this 5-site license bonus is EXTREMELY limited. This is WAYY too valuable of a bonus to keep up after our launch.

BONUS 2 Access To Our Built-In Banner Creator $97 Value

This is ANOTHER feature that we could have EASILY sold as its own upgrade. Heck, we even had it ALL planned out already for it to be its own upgrade. We had our whole sales page written up and everything. We were going to sell it for between $67-$97. However during this limited-time launch special you get to secure our Banner Creator feature as a FREE bonus.

This will allow ANYONE to go from creation to deployment of high-converting offers to your sites in RECORD time. Plus, our built-in templates make everything even EASIER to use.

BONUS 3 Agency Rights Included So You Can Monetize Your Client’s Sites too $497 Value

It’s not just your sites that need to be monetized, right? If you run an agency then it’s also EXTREMELY important to maximize the profit that your client sites make. The ONLY way that clients will keep hiring you for your services, is if you’re able to DELIVER results. Leveraging Adtivate on your client sites is one of the EASIEST and FASTEST ways you can increase their sales.

And we know that we could have EASILY sold this as an upgrade for $297, $497 or more… Especially if you land just ONE client that signs up with you at $500/month. That would MORE than pay for your agency rights, however, you get it as a FREE bonus for signing up TODAY!

BONUS 4 GEO-Targeting Feature To SKYROCKET Conversions By Displaying the MOST relevant ads by location (very limited) $97 Value

This is easily one of our most powerful features for skyrocketing your conversions. Our Geo-Targeting feature allows you to get SUPER targeted with the ads that are shown on your sites based on your visitors location.

This is also powerful for your client sites as well. If your client only services specific areas, or has different specials/discounts for certain locations, you’ll be able to utilize our Geo-Targeting feature to get REALLY targeted with your offers. This is ANOTHER feature we could have easily sold as it’s own upgrade because of how powerful it is.


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • Is AiutoBlogger Built From the ChatGPT API?
    No. AiutoBlogger is a custom Chrome Extension that we built that works alongside ChatGPT to write your prompts for you. Do NOT be fooled, ChatGPT does NOT have an official API as of writing this page. (March 6, 2023) Any app that is claiming they’re built from ChatGPT is either lying or using an UNOFFICIAL “hack” that has the possibility of being shut down at any moment.
  • How does it actually work?
    It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is install our Chrome Extension, which will take you no longer than 2 minutes. Then you open ChatGPT in Chrome, open up AiutoBlogger, and you’ll INSTANTLY be able to access HUNDREDS of DFY Prompts to have ChatGPT write you ANY kind of content. Plus, since you’re using PROVEN prompts, there is ZERO guesswork. You’ll get an AMAZING result each time with our Supercharger.
  • Do You Have Training Tutorials?
    Yes, of course. We have tutorials showing you how to install our extension, how to activate it, and how to use it with ChatGPT to get the best results.
  • What are the Upgrades?
    A. Upgrade #1 is going to be the ability to unlock ALL of our built-in DFY Prompts as well as ALL of our Built-in Categories. On the FE, you got a maximum of 100 DFY Prompts and 10 Categories. We have another 200 Prompts and 10 Categories to unlock. PLUS, you’ll be unlocking ALL of the Prompts and Categories we’ll be adding in the future. We’re planning to add about 10-20 new prompts per month. You’ll be able to unlock this for $47/quarter.
    B. Upgrade #2 is the ability to unlock our CUSTOM Prompts Feature. As time passes, you’ll start to get better and better at writing your own custom prompts. Especially because you’ll be using AiutoBlogger and seeing how great prompts are written. By unlocking this upgrade, you’ll be able to start adding your own Prompt templates to our extension as you get better. This will also be helpful if you start using the same style of prompt over and over, you can save it once, and continue using it as many times as you’d like. You’ll be able to unlock this for a $67 one-time payment.
    That’s it. No more Upgrades


I hope that my AiutoBlogger OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you


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