Aiming at the opportunity, Laiye joins hands with KPMG China to accelerate Intelligent Automation in the financial industry

The digital economy has transformed numerous industries in the forty years. Now, a new revolution is in sight: the age of intelligent automation. The financial industry is one of the many industries seeking an urgent upgrade in their digitalization and platforms, and Laiye is at the top of their go-to list.

Last week, Laiye and KPMG China announced the establishment of a strategic partnership to help more financial enterprises successfully and rapidly integrate intelligent automation and deploy RPA technology. In short, the partnership marks the beginning of a massive transformation of the financial industry.

Laiye has been associated with KPMG for a long time. As one of the top 50 leading financial technology companies in China, Laiye has been highly recognized by KPMG for its professional capabilities in the field of RPA, and KPMG is also a leading brand in the consulting service industry. The partnership unlocks unlimited possibilities for outputting more comprehensive solutions from the perspective of business and technology.

Selected as a new entrant in Gartner’s ‘2021 Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation’, Laiye has been receiving international recognition in the field of intelligent automation in the last couple years. But Guanchun Wang, chairman and CEO of Laiye, says that the company is not satisfied just yet. “We are committed to becoming one of the world’s top intelligent automation platforms,” Wang stated. “This strategic alliance with KPMG is sure to accelerate that journey.”

Over the years, Laiye has been continuously cultivating the field of intelligent automation and accumulated rich experience. At present, Laiye has successively engaged in artificial intelligence by developing sophisticated chatbots, natural language processing (NLP), intelligent document processing (IDP) and machine learning (ML). Laiye’s superior core technology has helped many industry customers achieve innovative results. As KPMG’s partner in China, Laiya’s leading technology and forward-looking vision in the intelligent automation market are all valued by KPMG. The financial industry has always been KPMG’s primary strategic task. In the process of developing business and extending the cooperation territory, KPMG needs companies like Laiye with explosive power and growth value.

Quickly, the financial industry in China and all over the world is moving toward a new path of intelligent automation, digital transformation, and technological innovation. Laiye is excited to work with new partners to drive the transformation of the industry together.