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Here are the Ai Smart News OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5 Get The 5 OTO Links With A Discount And Huge Bonuses OTO Ai Smart News You will receive Massive There is one Ai Smart News Front-End and five Ai Smart News OTO Editions.

Ai Smart News OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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Ai SmartNews is the world’s first fully AI-driven app that makes, hosts, and sells self-updating news websites with just one keyword in any niche!

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Video review for Front End only Ai Smart News

Ai Smart News  – Text From This Video

Hello, my name is Yogesh Agarwal, and I’m only recording this walkthrough for the product approval by the wire plus admin. In this video, I’ll start by showing you the income pros, and then I’ll show you the whole process and flow of what happens when a user buys this product, what they get, how they get it, and how to use it. So, let’s begin with the proof of income. So, here’s the link. I put this link in the notes, so all I have to do is copy and paste it here.

Basically, this is a record of my Wire Plus account. You can look at the number of sales and the foreign dashboard at the same time. This is my current data, so this is all about income proof. The user will get the screen when he buys the product. This is our “thank you” page, and we’ll also send him an email with a username and password. If he didn’t get it, he can also get it here by entering his username and transaction ID. This link will take him to the app login page. To open a new tab, I’ll just right-click and click again.

So this is the email he will get. You see important sign-up information, AI, and smart news. When you open this link, you’ll be like, “Uh, the customer will get his username and password, as well as all these links.” Okay, so now he’ll get the credentials this way. Let me show you how to use the app, so he can get likes on it. He will be able to make a completely new news portal that will keep itself up to date. It will only take him about three steps.

Ai Smart News OTO Bonuses

I will show you exactly how that is done to create a news website. He needs to go make a news website. Click “Create New,” type in a title, and I’ll just talk about the barrier plus test. I’ll just copy what’s in the description, and here I’ll choose a theme. Basically, he will have several options for themes, which will be covered in our detailed training video. So, if he wants to use AI content, he needs to rewrite the new.

He can click this button to make it work, so I’ll do it. Just click “continue,” and in this step, he needs to enter a subdomain name. Here is where I’ll type “wireplus test,” and he can add a logo. So, I’ll just put one logo here and choose color 3. I’ll choose red, and he can choose any category, as many as he wants, or just a few. For the demo, I’ll choose two categories and automation. Basically, this automation will be running when a lead comes into the system.

Automation is nothing more than a series of swipes that happen at set times if the user can set up the SMTP.

“Go to automation, click on create new” is one of his automations here. Here you need to give the name; I’ll just put some names here, and here he can define the steps, like when he wants them and the time. So, if it needs to be done right away, there is no need to wait. Just click “Save” for me.

Ai Smart News OTO AIUpsell

Now you can see that a fight is coming. You need to click on “Design Email” here. You need to give a subject. Hello, so this will now run, and this email will go as soon as user science is added to this automation. He can set up as many emails as he wants, and he can also choose the days, like right now. I am so at the moment. This email will be sent right away.

After 24 hours, this will be gone. This will be sent out after 48 hours, and this will be sent out after five days. Whatever email content he specifies will be sent. We also offer swipes that are “done for you” to our clients. So, that’s all there is to it when it comes to automation. If he wants, he can choose automation, but if he doesn’t, you can skip it. Autoresponders are the same.

If he has integrated an autoresponder, he can choose it from the list. Then, all of the leads will be sent to the autoresponder automatically.

Here’s the link to your affiliate site.

Basically, this link will be shown after every news story. This is because the user will enter text here and link it to an affiliate offer, so I’ll show it. This is a link on a test wire. I’m just going to build it.

Linka Ai Smart News OTOs

I’ll link it to “yes,” so this link will show up after every article. Just click “continue” to see the next one. Users can now set up the username and password for an administrator in this spot. That means that each news site will have its own admin panel, making it easy to sell that news site. Here, he can set that up, and when he’s done, all he has to do is click “Submit.” So, let’s check to see if this has made Okay, sure, this website was made.

Now, it only takes a few seconds to see. The colors, the news, and everything else on the website were made. The news from the entertainment world is also here, like the first week of The Last of Us. So, now you know. This website is pretty well made and has everything you could want.

So, if you go to and click on a single article, you’ll see the affiliate link here and here.

Also, the user can sell. AdSense or any other advertising network script can also be used by the user to run ads on this site. This is all there is to know about making a news website. Now, let me show you how this customization works, too. If you click on “Details” here, you’ll get an admin URL.

Ai Smart Local News OTO

Just copy and paste this information. So, this is where the news website’s admins work. On that news website, the user can change anything he wants, including the copyright, adding links to social network exit pop-ups, and changing logo sites, themes, and everything else. So, this is all about settings, and this website has a lot of them, like ad settings. He can choose a file, and that file will be used everywhere on the site.

So, this is about the ad, and he can change the title and description of the website in the SEO settings. That is, on that website and in data about how people use it. He can see how many people visit the website. For example, right now I’m in India, and as you can see, this is my IP address. I’ve refreshed twice, so my Vista account is now at 2. So, this is all about traffic analytics and leads. Basically, all of the leads that this website generates will come here. As I said before, this is an affiliate link, and the user can change it at any time. Since these are external scripts, the user can add his own Google Analytics or any other tracking system he wants.

Whatever script he puts in here will be in the news, websites, header, and footer. These are some other pages that can be set up, like terms and conditions, privacy policies, and cookies policies. So, guys, this is all about making news websites, automation, and everything else. This is a full tour of all the features of this website that we are selling in the product and in the offer. I really appreciate it.

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