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Looking for a way to increase sales in your company? LinkedIn is the best platform to find new clients and partners. But there are some complications in generating leads on this platform. You can write a message to one person, but creating a long chain of emails and generating leads on this resource may be a tricky task. The LinkedIn algorithm will simply not allow you to do that, hence it has mass messaging restrictions. So, what will you do? There is a way to bypass those restrictions with Wiza. Let’s talk about how you can collect the list of contacts and send messages from your company’s email rather than InMail. We can help you regardless of whether you are a new business owner, have trouble with a company’s marketing, or just want to generate new leads for an existing company. The answer is the same – try Wiza

How to promote your business

B2B lead generation is a way you can promote your company. By finding new people who are interested enough in your business you can turn them into clients by putting them into the sales funnel. There are plenty of ways how you can get more new leads, including:

  • Social media promotion – posts on Facebook or any other social media combined with targeted ads can enhance your lead generation. 
  • Advertise with Google ads – Google’s mechanics will display advertisements of your services to your target audience. 
  • A referral program encourages customers to recommend your business to others. Of course, this option is unavailable unless the client is 100% satisfied with your services. 
  • Purchasing leads – you can buy a list of contact information, of course. But the only problem with this approach is that you aren’t exactly sure that those people will need your service. So, the result will be less sufficient, unless you are aimed at finding contacts of people who are at least merely curious about your company. 
  • Emailing – the most traditional way to find new leads. In this way, you create a personalized email for each possible lead. It is complicated, especially if you want to have more than 5 or 10 leads. For this purpose, email marketers exist. For instance, you can read about the services that Belkins company provides. Besides dealing with clients and leads via email they can deal with other B2B lead generation processes. 

Check out their website and pricing list for more information. 

With B2B lead generation you can get such benefits as:

Finding your target audience through research and positive response. In this way, you will be able to further your promotion. 

Creation of more targeted content on social media that is relevant to the interest of your customers, but not your company. Let’s be frank, many people don’t care how good you are or how long you have been around the market. The only thing that concerns them is what exactly they will get from you and whether they need this kind of service. This is what should be underlining your each promotion campaign. For instance, you are not saying that “We already made *this amount of people happy*”, but “If you are worried about *insert the topic* here we are to fix it!”

Track and analyze your leads, marketing activities for the further promotion. Even the biggest companies do that. This will help to understand current trends and people’s needs. For example, if you are a company that promotes touristic adventures, you should be paying attention to the exact location many of your clients chose lately. With B2B lead generation tools or help from the professional marketilogists you can make a successful promotion campaign and make more leads.

But now we will focus more on email extractor and what you can gain from it. 

What is the purpose behind email finder

An email extractor or finder is a tool that gathers contact information from open sources. You can add it as a Chrome extension or a separate web ad. Find a suitable client or a partner by typing keywords in the search tab and wait for the list of emails coming for you to collect them. It is much simpler than to look for a suitable candidate on your own and spend a lot of time on a personalized marketing campaign. 

But how to find a trustworthy email extractor? There are certain key features that you should pay attention to:

  • Pricing list – choose the tool that has a free trial period or that is offering you to try their services for a symbolic price. 
  • What the app can do – the key feature that you are looking for is that the app is supposed to look for specific contacts and extract contact data. What else is it supposed to do? Maybe, after collecting the needed data it will help you to manage the existing leads and it has an integrated CRM? So, all you will need to acquire is an email extractor with integrated tools and an email service. 
  • Email verification – instead of valuing each contact by yourself (which is a time consuming adventure), you will rely on an email extractor that will add the most valuable contacts to your database right away. That is why we recommend you to use email extractors that have an email verification tool installed in the program. 

All of those features you can find in Wiza. Let’s see what the company can offer you. 

About Wiza and what it can offer you

By using the Wiza system you will be able to find needed contact information just in one click. You can export 2,500 contacts at once from LinkedIn. Also, the program is able to be integrated into different tools such as Salesforce, Outreach, etc. There is also a tutorial on how to make an impression while writing a message to your possible leads while creating a list. You can also find different contact information, such as a phone number for cold outreach. If you don’t trust a single article on the web, try to find reviews about the company and see it for yourself. 

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