A Virtual Number For Your Small Business Phone Service

One of the most important benefits of a virtual number is that it helps any business – large or small – increase its profitability by increasing the ease with which customers can contact the company and obtain information and pricing. While many companies have heard about virtual numbers and how they may benefit them if used properly, many are not entirely sure just what it is or just how it works.

At its heart, a virtual number is a phone number with no “dedicated” line. This means that although the number is attached to a company – usually in the form of an 800 number that the company pays a provider for – the number does not have to be routed to a single line. When a customer dials the number, it can be routed to one or many endpoints in sequence, meaning that they never have to endure a busy signal and have the highest chance of being placed in contact with a real person at the other end of the line. This means less waiting for consumers and a greater chance that the company will be able to attend to the phone call as soon as possible.

Other benefits of a virtual number or best business number app are also present for both large and small businesses. For a company that is just getting started, using a virtual number means that there is no need for a business owner to give out their home or cell phone number, simply the easy-to-dial 1-800 number they have purchased. This allows for privacy for the owner and a professional appearance to the consumer, both things that can help make a business more secure and more profitable.

In addition, a toll-free virtual number can use a higher level of caller ID technology than a standard landline supplied by a local phone company. This allows the caller to be identified before the business picks up the line at the other end. The ability to identify who is calling means that calls can be easily routed to the area of the business that would be of the most useful, or can be picked up immediately. If there is a situation in which a caller has been harassing the business or company, their call can be left unanswered or even blocked from dialing in again.

Virtual numbers can also be of use when companies need to dial out from their business. Using a feature known as a “card-less” calling card feature, a business owner can dial any number from a phone, and using the card-less feature can cause the number to show up at the other end of the line as having come from their number. This means that calls can be both made and received from a virtual number with no need for the business to ever give out more information than they are comfortable with.

Virtual numbers can now be routed to a voice-over IP system, fax line, mobile phone, or landline phone – virtually any number. This gives them flexibility rarely seen by other systems in the business market and makes them an effective way to increase business volume without compromising security. Used correctly, a virtual number can assist any business in its quest for more streamlined customer communication.

For a professional on the go, a virtual number may be the best solution to ensuring that no call is missed and that every call gets routed to the right place.

A virtual number is a phone number that is not directly associated with any one phone line. Unlike a vanity number, It is not supplied by a local phone company in a hard-line format but is typically purchased for a monthly fee. Perhaps the best-known example of this is the 1-800 number used by many businesses to call attention to ads or services. These numbers are paid for by a business and can then be used exclusively by them. While common thinking pegs these virtual numbers as staples of the large business community, a mobile professional in industries such as consulting, Internet-based businesses, home-based businesses, start-ups, and virtual businesses could also benefit in several ways from having a virtual phone number.

The first is the ability to control where calls are sent. Virtual numbers will typically come with the ability to set up multiple extensions in addition to an automated answering system that can direct calls. Some virtual phone numbers will allow for recorded greetings or information so that potential clients can obtain some information before being connected to someone or leaving a message.

Best business phone app has a call forwarding feature that allows all calls to be forwarded to any other phone number the user wishes. This is a huge benefit for mobile professionals that don’t have one brick-and-mortar office where they can be reached. So calls coming into the virtual number can be forwarded to a mobile phone, home phone, VoIP phone, or even international numbers – literally wherever the user wishes. If a client chooses to leave a message, it can be sent as an audio file to an email address. This allows mobile professionals the ability to access incoming voice mails instantly to ensure important calls are returned promptly. This also means that callers will never receive a busy signal if the forwarded call reaches a phone number already in use, as the 1-800 number will always be available to supply information and take messages.

In addition, most virtual number systems will come with ANI (Automatic Number Identification) technology, which is essentially one step up from residential caller ID. This allows any incoming number to be captured, regardless of whether or not the caller chooses to leave a message. What’s more, a professional is permitted to return the call of anyone who has called their virtual number so long as it was displayed on advertising or promotional materials, as this falls under the 90-day business inquiry rule drafted by the federal government as part of Do Not Call List Regulations.

For mobile professionals that have more than one item or service to sell, best second phone number app often offer the advantage of multiple extensions. This allows a professional to list a slightly different number on each sign they put up, keep track of when and where calls are coming from, and which number is getting the most calls. This ability to track who is calling and when can help a professional spend their limited advertising and marketing budget wisely and in places where it will have the most effect.

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